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Weight loss: I can make you thin

Can your thoughts make you thin?

According to TV hypnotist Paul McKenna the answer is yes. I have watched his TV program “I can change your life” and I have to admit I was impressed. He took a man with hysterical blindness and helped him improve his sight. Later in the show his diagnosis was revised – it turned out the problem was physiological not psychological! The experts were at a loss to explain how the hypnotist had been able to improve a physiological condition.

McKenna also helped a lifelong sugar-holic with diabetes overcome sugar cravings. In the face of temptation that would make even a saint reach for a Toblerone she remained strong. Naturally I rushed out and purchased Paul McKenna’s books and tapes.

He makes a bold claim in his #1 Bestseller ‘I can make you thin’ which includes a free weight loss CD. According to his book you should:

“Forget about dieting. For ever. Diets are no more than training courses in how to get fat and feel like a failure.”
McKenna blames obsessive dieting, emotional eating and faulty programming (or your thoughts) for excess weight and claims a greater than 70% success rate with his program. I decided to put his claims to the test.

He is convinced that if you follow his four golden dietary rules and listen to his CD that you will lose weight. His book includes a large number of testimonials from successful weight loss participants. Some had used the book and CD but it appeared that the majority had the advantage of one-on-one consultations with the magical hypnotist Paul McKenna.

McKenna’s rules for weight loss

  1. Eat when you are hungry
  2. Eat what you want, not what you think you should
  3. Eat consciously and enjoy every mouthful
  4. When you think you are full, stop eating

If only life were so easy. The rules are great but not everyone will be able to implement them. This is where the CD comes in. It includes visualisation and hypnosis geared towards changing your programming.

I’ve listened to the CD a few times but unfortunately I am not susceptible to hypnosis so I can’t tell you whether I noticed any change in my thinking patterns. Nor am I skilled in visualisation. However I did think that the affirmations and statements of positive intent on the CD were likely to be helpful.

The book ends with craving buster techniques including tapping (Thought Field Therapy). There are a lot of positive testimonials from people who have used TFT or EFT techniques - unfortunately I'm not one of them - but it's worth a try.

I asked a friend to trial the CD. She has been overweight for a long time and was very keen to try McKenna’s CD and book. She has been listening to the CD for nearly three weeks and feels that there has been no significant change in her thinking patterns. However, she still believes the book is a good investment. She liked the CD and the book which she found to be very encouraging. She is optimistic that the improvements in her self-confidence and dietary habits will take place if she perseveres.

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  1. Dieting is one the hardest things in the world to do, yet at the same time one of the easiest once you get your mind frame right.

    I have a hard time, myself, believing in hypnosis to loose weight. I believe that weight loss is all a matter of retraining yourself to reset your eating habits. Not hungry? Don't eat! When you are hungry, eat! Just eat right!

    I'm not a skinny guy railing against big people mind you. I've been there myself. I went from 315 to 230 over the course of the year, using Weight Watchers. While that could be considered a fad diet as well, the fundamentals of some something such as weight watchers teaches you some important things regarding weight loss. Portion size, eating smaller portions more frequently, making sure you are eating enough so that you aren't hurting yourself etc.

    In the end, a lot of the diets (this one could be seen the same) try to retrain your eating habits, getting you out of the bad habits. So if you've tried the others and they didn't help, and the hypnosis cd does help you retrain those habits? Then more power to you, use it! All the matters in the end is that you get yourself in a healthy habit!

  2. I know people who have benefited from hypnosis when they were trying to stop smoking. No one I know has lost weight that way.

    I stopped smoking with accupuncture and have been thinking about using it for my weight problem.

  3. my sis in law tried hypnosis to quit smoking... nada

    Eating is so different because no matter what you do you still have to eat. So, everyday you have to face your arch enemy, who is also your friend.

  4. I have tried Paul McKenna's book and CD and I find it excellent. I have been waking up an hour earlier every morning actually looking forward to listening to the CD.
    Not only did I feel less hungry I also felt more self confident.
    The problem is, when my resolve dropped, I dropped the listening.
    Emotional eating is so difficult to tackle...I really think there must be a support group around you, either real or virtual to support you.

  5. I can also testify that self hypnosis does work. If a person stops confessing that "everything they eat is going to make them fat; and start confessing that they eat only healthy foods." They will be amazed to see what happens... :) Thanks for sharing;


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