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Strawberry Quick Flavored Crystal Meth appeals to Children

First reported in the western US states in January, 2007, candied methamphetamines (crystal meth) is the latest thing in street drugs. "Strawberry Quick" (photo: left) is one of many flavors on the street. Quick is reminiscent of the powdered milk flavoring, Quik and is sure to widen the appeal of the drug.

It is not clear if the intent is to market the drug to children (it might be a way to combat the drug's bitter taste), but a "candied" version of a drug would certainly have that effect. In addition to its similarity to a popular milk flavoring, the candied meth is likened to a popular candy that fizzles in the mouth - Pop Rocks.

DEA spokesman Steve Robertson said,
"Drug traffickers are trying to lure in more customers, no matter what their age, by making the meth seem less dangerous."

News of this version of a street drug prompted U.S. senators to introduce legislation in April that would dramatically increase criminal penalties for drug dealers who entice children with candy-flavored amphetamines or other flavored drugs.

In light of this information, parents should be vigilant and remind children about taking candy, even from friends, when the source is not known.


  1. It's a sad reality that people are taking advantage of flavor as their lure for children. They are abusing the use of flavor which is mainly a taste enhancer.

  2. Hi Vic:

    These are illegal street drugs, but an additonal concern I have is "legal" flavored alcohol drinks. The latest, made by Annheiser-Busch is "Spykes," which are flavored, caffeinated drinks packaged in "cute" little bottles.

    No amount of protesting from the maker will convince me that these are not being marketed to children!

    Nancy L., LISW, LICDC

  3. I agree with you on being vigilant about this. We all know that kids are easily fooled by things that they want and it's every parent's responsibility to teach their children about this.

  4. OMG! This is one of the scariest things I ever heard of!
    Who would have ever thought that drug dealers would actually "market" to kids. That amazes me.

  5. Selling drugs is all about the bottom line - $$$. Not surprisingly, this is also a factor in marketing and selling alcoholic beverages.

  6. I just read in the Wall Street Journal over the weekend that Anheuser-Busch is discontinuing production of the "Spykes" product.

    A good example of public pressure influencing a large company!

    Nancy L.

  7. Halloween is coming up. My kids are very excited to go trick or treating. Right now the drug world is so crazy so I don't even know if I want to take my kids trick or treating. I heard that people put meth that looks like candy inside of little packages and give them out to kids. They look just like candy and kids don't know any better so they eat it and they could die.


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