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This blog comprises articles and opinions on the inner game - spanning business, health, mindset and well-being and includes contributions from several authors. It was started by Talia as a library for her articles. In 2007, Nancy came on board bringing her extensive experience as a therapist and writer.

Talia and Nancy have now moved on to other projects so this site is no longer updated - but feel free to browse our library of articles and join in the conversation by using the comment form below each post.

Talia Mana, NZTalia Mana is a bestselling author, business consultant, mentor and professional speaker from New Zealand.

After a successful corporate career spanning finance, marketing, strategic and general management roles she established a consultancy business helping high performing individuals and companies achieve success.

Nancy L. is a mental health, substance abuse therapist based in the United States. Her background in business, specifically advertising, marketing and graphic arts, rounds out her eclectic experience and informs her freelance writing.