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6 Steps to Feel Good About Your Body

Sarah Maria Love Your Body Love Your Life

My friend Sarah Maria has just released her fabulous new book Love Your Body, Love Your Life: 5 Steps to End Negative Body Obsession and Start Living Happily and Confidently. The book outlines her 5-step process for helping you feel great in and about your body and yourself. Her work embraces the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual which she says is the key to true and lasting healing.

Here is an excerpt from her book, with 6 tips to feeling beautiful today! You'll notice that Sarah Maria's approach is very spiritually oriented, encouraging you to feel good about your body and befriend it.

P.S. if you purchase the book from Amazon, Sarah Maria has a special surprise for you including lots of free bonuses and the chance to go in a draw to win a magical meditation retreat with Deepak Chopra at the Chopra Center for Well-being. Scroll down to the end to find out how to claim your free gifts.

6 Tips to Feel Beautiful Today! By Sarah Maria

How many times have you waited for something to change so that you could finally start feeling beautiful?

If you are like most women, the answer is “all the time.”

Here is the problem: most of us tend to live with the delusional belief that we somehow need to change in order to be beautiful. It usually sounds something like:

When I lose this extra weight, then I will be attractive.
If I can just get my abs a little more toned, then I can wear that bikini I love.
I feel so much better after I put on my make-up in the morning.
I looked much sexier before I had these wrinkles.
My hair looks drab and lifeless until I get it colored.

Unfortunately, we think these stories, these lies, that we have been taught are true. We believe that we somehow need to change who we are, how we look, and what we do in order to finally be sexy, attractive, and drop-dead gorgeous.

This is a lie – an erroneous, ubiquitous, and often painful lie. The truth of the matter is that you are inherently, unconditionally, and absolutely beautiful and loveable right now, without changing a single thing.

Fortunately, very fortunately, you can expose these lies and choose to no longer live under their spell.

Ready to get started? Here are 6 simple and sure-fired ways to help you feel beautiful today:

1.Become aware of what you are thinking.
Simply become aware of the stories you are telling yourself so that you are no longer reacting on auto-pilot. Through awareness alone, you can begin to transmute your reality and transform lies into truth. Actively acknowledge that there is no inherent truth in the belief that you need to change something about yourself in order to be attractive. Consider that you can start feeling beautiful immediately, in this moment, without changing a single thing.

2. Set an Intention to See Beauty
Setting an intention is simple: intend to create a different reality for yourself. Here are some examples:
I intend to experience my inherent beauty. Or: I intend to see my beauty and perfection at all times. Or: I intend to know I am inherently beautiful, lovable, and worthwhile.

Do you ever see your reflection in the mirror and grimace at your wrinkles, vowing to purchase the latest anti-wrinkle cream?
Set an intention to find your beauty in your reflection.

Or when you undress, do you ever suck in your stomach, berating yourself for not yet losing those 5 extra pounds?
Set an intention to appreciate the body that you have right now.

Do you ever go shopping for clothes and wish you were a size (or more) smaller?
Set an intention to unconditionally accept your body.

Hopefully you get the idea; set an intention to see yourself through the eyes of beauty.

Guided Mindfulness Meditation Series by Jon Kabat-Zinn

3. Take a “Meditation Moment”

Meditation is the mental equivalent of brushing your teeth. This means that it is an essential and indispensable daily activity designed to help rest and rejuvenate your body, cleanse your psyche, awaken your spirit, and help you live a life that you love.

Nourish yourself with instant meditation moments throughout the day.
Are you waiting at the bus stop on your way to work? Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, allowing yourself to connect within.

Are you making dinner for the family? Take 30 seconds and focus on the sounds, smells, and sensations in your environment, letting them nourish your senses.

Are you in the shower, getting ready to start your day?

Turn your attention to the feeling of warm water cascading against you, gently caressing your body, and allow yourself to relax.

These meditation moments can happen anywhere, anytime – 30 to 60 seconds of closing your eyes and connecting within can make all the difference in the world.

4. Your Body is Your Best Friend

Your human body is your truest ally. Befriend it and it will serve you tirelessly.

Treat it as you would a dear friend:

Feed your body with healthy food, taking the time to give it proper nourishment.

Remember to exercise, and make it enjoyable. If the gym makes you cringe, opt for yoga, Pilates, dance, or good old walking. Anything to get your body moving will do wonders.

Relaxation is key. In our harried and hurried world, it is essential that you remember to relax and rejuvenate.

Instead of critiquing your body for not being enough of this and for being too much of that, offer it gratitude and appreciation for it unwavering support and devotion.

5. Create Meaningful Moments

Every day is filled with countless tasks and errands: going to work, talking with friends, picking up the kids, supporting your significant other, washing dishes, going to the gym, visiting the supermarket, shopping – on and one it goes. Remember that you can imbue each moment with meaning. It can be as simple as smiling at everyone you meet, reacting with compassion and love instead of anger, or making sure to tell your friends and loved ones how much you care about them.

6. You’re Smoking Hot, Inside Out

Remember, you were born beautiful. Believing that you are unattractive is a learned habit. You can unlearn it and discover the Joy, Peace, and Love that are your natural sate and birthright!

So that is it – 6 Simple Steps. 6 simple steps to start feeling beautiful, right now, in this moment. You don’t have to go anywhere or do anything to experience the Beauty that you already are. In fact, there is nothing you can do, say, or buy that will make you any more perfect, any more beautiful, or any more desirable than you are in this very moment. Simply know this, and you will revel in your true beauty.

If you want to grab your own copy of Sarah Maria’s book Love Your Body, Love Your Life: 5 Steps to End Negative Body Obsession and Start Living Happily and Confidently head on over to Amazon. Click here to purchase your copy and begin to love your body today. If you buy in the next couple of days you will also get dozens of free bonuses including:

  • Escape The Diet Trap ( 70 minute audio to help you quit dieting)

  • Why Mars & Venus Collide – audio from Dr. John Gray

  • Marci Shimoff’s Happiness Action Plan

Plus dozens of other free reports, meditations, audio downloads and other self-help goodies.

You’ll also be in the draw to win an incredible week at Seduction of Silence, the Chopra Center’s renowned week-long meditation retreat valued at $2,775. How cool is that? Updated: This competition draw has now closed

After you purchase from Amazon, go to Sarah Maria’s website, type in your order number and you’ll get instant access to an amazing list of free bonuses.

Talia Mana


  1. It is extremely interesting for me to read this blog. Thanks for it. I like such topics and anything connected to this matter. I definitely want to read a bit more on that blog soon.

  2. Hi there.. I learned a lot from your writings. thanks a lot.

  3. I went on that Chopra meditation retreat. It was absolutely amazing! So peaceful and well worth the money. I cant wait to go back.

  4. Thanks for those great tips. I really need something new this 2010. This could be a great start. Thanks a lot! keep it up!

  5. Being aware of what you are thinking is so important. Thank you for making that point. I think women also need to look at their whole bodies. I know that I, and some of my friends, focus only on those thighs we hate, or our flabby arms or pudgy tummies and obsess on this one thing without appreciating the strong legs I have or my great shoulders. Thanks for this list!

  6. We women we must love our bodies. If you are perfect, you are borring.

  7. Be in a good mood makes you feel good about your body and everything else, too.

  8. Love this blog, its well worth a read in the quiet. I normally only think about the parts of my body which I dont like - but after reading this I hope that I can look at myself as a whole and learn to love it



  9. Great blogs and thumbs up for this information! I enjoyed reading the part to create meaningful moments. For me that is what life is all about. Meaningful moments are the memories which would be worth keeping.

  10. I am going to print this out so I can refer to it plenty of times. A positive body picture is something they ought to all have! So great to have you here on Shine.

  11. Perhaps this was in high school or college. Regardless of the time, close your eyes & keep in mind the way you felt. Let these radiate lovely feelings within you.

  12. Great tips for loving your body! It really is a mental thing and it's all about changing your perception. Advertising teaches us to feel inadequate about our bodies. It's up to us to push those messages away and create our own set of beliefs about ourselves.

  13. Thanks for the great tips about loving your body. It really is a mental thing and is simply a matter about changing perception. Advertising messaging makes people feel inadequate, that their bodies aren't good enough. It's up to us to push those messages aside and define our own ideal body for ourselves.

  14. Most of the time I don't have time or think I don't have time to think about myself, food for thought. Thanks.

  15. I am really very glad after read here and I appreciate for the information that you presented here.

  16. Thanx for the great 6 tips. It's al in the mind! Being aware of what you are thinking is so important.

  17. I think your comment "Treat it as you would a dear friend" is very apt. We often take are own body for granted and become complacent. We should try to look at ourself with different eyes. We are too often wrapped up with looking after are loved ones and tend to forget about our body's own needs.

  18. People only can do that when they stop comparing themselves to others. When they are satisfied by themselves,, it stops then and there. See,, there is a saying,, if you dont mind it does not matter,, it only matter when you mind it,, lovely to read on positive attitude.

  19. Definitely it matters a lot to feel good about yourself before expecting others to do the same for you.

  20. Wonderful!!! I love the affirmation that our authentic beauty comes from within! Very user friendly tips.

  21. I can't agree more with that we have to make some meaningful moments to us of to others to feel that we really live in this life to fullest.

  22. thank you for sharing those 6 wonderful tips to make me feel good in my everyday living. it really matters to feel good before expecting others to do the same for you. :)

  23. Although all 6 points are valid, personally I think no. 4 is the most important. The human body is the most amazing thing in the universe. Feed it the right food and exercise regularly and there is almost nothing it can't do. The way the body can repair itself and recover from incredible injuries is almost miraculous. I'm a real strong believer in exercise. They say "healthy body healthy mind" and it's so true. After a good workout, exercise class or long walk I feel a million dollars. Exercise can beat depression and a host of ailments. If I could do just one thing to feel good it would be exercise.


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