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Psychic Hotline Addiction Costs $33,000 a year

Overcome Addictions hypnotherapy CD by Glenn Harrold
According to a researcher at Auckland University, psychic phone line addicts, are spending up to NZ$33,000 per year (US$26,500) to seek guidance on their finances, their love life and other burning issues from psychics, tarot card readers, astrologers and other telephone hotline services. The average expenditure is in the range of NZ$6,000-7,000 (US$4,770-5,565).

Dr Robin-Marie Shepherd, from the Centre for Gambling Studies at University of Auckland is conducting global research into users of psychic hotlines. Preliminary data from approximately 30 regular phone line users has been analysed to date.

“Users of psychic hotlines seem to demonstrate a number of addictive behaviours,” says Dr Shepherd of the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences. “Regular users talk of relapsing or needing a fix, and many exhibit signs of anxiety or depression. This study is looking at why people call psychics and whether this behaviour should be viewed as addictive and require policymakers to take notice.”
Why Me, Why This, Why Now by Robin Norwood

I suspect many users were exhibiting signs of anxiety or depression prior to phoning. From my discussions with users and providers of psychic hotline services, the majority of callers are lonely, sad or facing difficult decisions. Many use psychic hotlines in place of counsellors to provide guidance in life issues, or when they are in need of someone to fill them with hope about the future.

Dr Shepherd is looking for more psychic phone line users to participate in this global study. She's also interested in hearing from people who work for psychic hotlines or others involved in the industry. You can contact Dr Shepherd via email or telephone +64 (0)9 373 7599 ext 86573.

Talia Mana


  1. I agree that it's depression and loneliness that drives these psychic hotline users to begin with. Most people who get depressed will most likely look for any way to lessen their feeling of depression.

  2. This is so sad. Those people probably just need someone to talk to and the service is costing them a lot of money.

  3. I think you're both right. It's a very expensive way to find a friend...

  4. I was a psychic line addict...it began when I was devestated at the loss of a relationship and found myself spiraling down into a deep depression. I'm highly educated so although the idea of spending thousands on a pschic may seem crazy, you do not rationalize clearly what you are doing or the ramifications that will follow. You want reassurance and hope. Like any other addict you look for that sense of relief. For me it became like a drug and I became addicted to the false sense of hope that these cons offered. Thankfully I woke up but only after coming to the brink of emotional and financial ruin. They prey on the vulnerable and that is a dreadful shame. I have begun writing a book about my experiences in the hopes of helping others realize the destructive situation that these lines and psychics can create and to offer them hope that the answeres they seek are deep within themselves. They robbed me of three years of my life and I would hate to see that happen to another.

  5. Thanks for sharing your story

    Your story sounds typical... you were looking for extra support at a difficult time in your life.

    I'm glad you've moved past this. Good luck with your book

  6. I have a sister who is currently addicted to psychic hotlines. She has basically lost everything and still can not see that she has basically an addiction. I have tried everything to try and understand, but I am at the end of my rope. How can you possibly help someone who will not help themselves? Are there any sort of "12 step programs" out there that can possible help? Please help me to help her.

    1. National Talk ShowAugust 2, 2012 at 4:51 AM

      Is your sister still addicted?

  7. Hi Jimbo

    That depends on the root cause of the calls. For example if she is calling because she is feeling grief after losing someone important to her, then you could try suggesting grief counselling.

    You might also suggest she emails Dr Shepherd to participate in the study. Dr Shepherd has undertaken to try to direct people to help where possible.

    There are also free telephone helplines such as Lifeline and Samaritans that may be able to help her. Or talking to a therapist.

    You could also check out this list of help agencies

  8. I have been a psychic hotline addict similar to anonymous and feel I could also write a book. I would love to put his behind me. Its hard to total ly avoid having any readings at all when I cannot dismiss my belief totally and think maybe some are genuine but definately some do not. I agree it starts when you have a crisis in your life. For me it was losing my mother. I dont like to think of the money I have spent, I cant change what has happened but again am trying to end it.

  9. I am a psychic hotline addict and have been for years. I never thought of it as an addiction until recently. I call them when I suspected a partner of cheating, or worried about finance or to help me deal with death. I don't make friends easily and I don 't trust just anyone about telling my most personal life situations. A hotline psychic is non-personal and non-judgemental and availabel now vs. having to wait days for an appointment with a counselor. I also have some ability of my own and always want confirmation, even though ninety percent of the time my instincts were right. I really want to stop doing this because it is very expensive. If there is a counselor hotline for this then I would love to know about it.

  10. i am 25 yrs old, extremely independant, great paying job, great lifestyle, i have nothing to complain about...except that i have a psychic hotline addiction, ive had it for 3 yrs and have spent rougly 120k usd in total,

    it really boils down to not having a good parent child relationship for me, it activates most when living in uncertainty and not being able to manage emotions, or unconfident about a situation

    its like i dont have parents there to guide me or to set a standard or example...and my friendships are limited to shopping, dinning, discussing the best sellers over bordeaux or chablis...no depth

    so when uncertainty for me is high...my addiction kicks in

    the scary part comes when the client begins to really beleivethe psychic, and uses psychic forecasts and clairvoyant predictions and sets standards and starts living around these predictions. Instead of just taking it with a grain of salt, or as an additional opinion. Im not saying psychics arent authentic and they dont exist, but after being a client of so many (from worlds top ranked to LivePerson.com, Kasamba.com, Kajama.com, PsychicContact.com..these are all credible sites...anyway, i still question their authenticity today. I think for the majority of the profession, its composed of cold reader trained artists, or educated individuals whove recoverd from similar addictions...but its really up to the client to determine the boundaries

  11. And im saying as an addict who has spent that much, (almost half my salary) in 3 yrs, i do not feel its appropriate to place any blame of poor decision making on these readers, and services.

    Because at times whent hey do help by offering "a reading" or , "a tarot spread" , runes, pure psychic, spirit says reading, they do offer a different perception, or opinion, but its up to the client to be able determine when to stop seeking such opinions and services. Yahoo forums are free and great---and yes, theyre not quite the same...but for the addicts, you get my drift here. its a forum that is appealing enough to be distracted for hours, but lame enough to not spend too much time on them...and they,re...free....

    self help books works too, blogging, keeping pysically active! reading best sellers (im reading chasing harry winston now..great book!)

  12. ive also done research on the mathematical possibilities in tarot, and the likelyhood of predictions, ive also done spiritual research ont hese cards, ive also done research on cold cut readings and all the others that follow, as well credibility of the psychic schools, and colleges

    the likelyhood of authenticity that readers claim to have is very small

  13. HI, Im a psychic hotline addict and have spent 1,700 pounds since feb. its getting so out of control I ring to find out about love lilfe becuase im lonley and i like the thrill and escapism it offers me but i cant afford it an my life is becoming nmangeable. I would like to take part in this study. please can you offer help i cant take spending all my money anymore?

  14. How can you say THEY robed you for 3 years ??? not months that pass by are NOT alarming to you,but yyears pass by and you are 'hoping' for what ? Fine,you wanted HOPE so dont complain THEY did that to you when YOu are the one who had done it to yourself !
    Any person who truely cares for you-will come back to you in days,lets say enev few months,anything after that...is delusional,and you are the one who decided to live in that frame-mindset.

  15. It's true people have personal choice; they can choose to make the phone call or not make the call.

    However, there appear to be many vulnerable people who are being taken advantage of and encouraged to call repeatedly and for long periods of time by psychics who are either too misguided to realise that their callers are addicted or in need of other help, or who are too focused on getting their per minute income to care that they are helping people get "hooked" to an expensive service that causes more long-term problems than the short-term help it may offer.

  16. I'm really keen to speak to people who are addicted to psychic readings. I am currently researching the topic as part of a documentary.

    It would be great to hear from anyone who is struggling with this addiction and to hear your thoughts on psychic callings. My email address is emma.wilkinson@itn.co.uk - please do get in touch if you think this is something you'd be happy to talk to me about.

    Kindest Regards,


  17. I am a recovering psychic hotline addict. The sad thing was that I had money in savings from some inheritance. I went through a very unexpected divorce. I am in my 30s. For emotional support, I went home to live with my Dad who is in his 70s for a few months. It was then that I was exposed to some very religous minded people, and I felt very judged for going through a divorce. I also was under a lot of stress on my job. There was someone who was interested in me, and I was very scared of making a relationship mistake while going through a messy divorce. The psychic addiction basically started with me because I was or felt I was under a lot of judgement. I also had major anxiety about making mistakes in my future decisions. While agonizing about future decisions, I made even worse decisions about talking to psychics and spending money. If this happens to you, take control of situation by not making the next call. You can't get the money you spent back, but you can start rebuilding it. If you were vulnerable when it happened, look at it this way... you needed someone to talk to. We all need connection, and you were doing the only thing you knew at the time to get it. Thats what I have had to tell myself. Yes, they do prey on the vulnerable, because how do you really know if someone can tell the future or not. You really don't know until the future gets here. I feel for anyone who has talked to a psychic when they were in a vulnerable state. Start praying... its less expensive, and sometimes surprising.

  18. hi,
    I have been to hell and back. however maybe the readings kept me alive.i don't know. but it's no life. i have blown about 60k euro in the past 7 years on mystic meg type outfits, and instead of facing upto a horrible family situation,2 breakups, serious emotional/logical deficits, the lines brought me off into a kind of fantasy land, where all will be well.I now owe 140k euro, no job, no career, no girlfriend and worse family/community problems.I just can't do it anymore. Emotionally I am a wreck and I have been falling into other behaviours that can become addictive. I don't see myself as an addict but a really vulnerable soul. If someone coul dhave thought me to lovemyself and honourmyself with my choices, i would not be in this mess. But now I see there were huge deficits in childhood. But they did their best. No point whinging. I need to take full resposibility and say to me: I love me, I am sorry, I forgive myself and thank myself, each time the anxiety strikes. It is giving me trust. I trust today that I will sort it.Trusting each small lonely step back from the water's edge, upon to the beaches of despair, and up onto dry land of peace. no more hope and fear thanks. I'm strong and meditation and counselling has helped. No need to make life harder than it has to be. I have beaten ME, FMS,Depression,Emotional Abuse and now i have all this career financial and social stuff to deal with. But deal with it I will. My heart is breaking. But all I have to do is love me, trust, and love me. I will learn how to love others, only by loving me. I will learn to be a good business person. I will learn to accept what is, only if I am able for the white knuckle ride of life that my choices have turned this life into.No more fantasy escapism. And you know what? maybe my life will become fantastic, but in a real way. a real way.

  19. Hi,2009 was a awful year for me, and during this time I had upteen readings alot of which were totally crap, but I did find one fantastic reader who has helped me enourmousley(genuine ones do exist), we still are great friends now and do chat regulary, in fact I was encouraged by my doctor to try anti depressents but havnt done so and have healed myself with my friends help, saying that I do think that it gives you a buzz ringing psychic lines, and thats whats hard to give up,I still do feel that when I call even though I dont call as often.Genuine readers can be and are great helpers when you are in a tough place but unfortunately so many are just out to make a quick buck and vulnerable people suffer, as if one doesnt tell you what you want then you go to another and another and so it spirals out of control,its easy to say that you wont ring again but actually its incredibly hard to put into practice and its odd that while you are doing it you dont really consider the money you just keep handing out your card details.I agree with Pam, I am not a religious person but I am spiritual and if you pray and ask for help from your own guides and angels you do get the help and strength you need to overcome this, I did. x

  20. hi. i'm a psychic addict. i don't know if you could say that i am in recovery because i just realized a few days ago that i really had a problem. well, i do think i realized before that that i had a problem, but i didn't realize until i started reading about psychic addiction how bad it has become. i told myself when i got paid that i would allow myself just one psychic reading for this period of 14 days. well, i didn't get just one psychic reading. i went to asknow.com and talked to three different people, and then i went back over to psychic source and had two readings, with probably over $100 in total. i don't know if i was addicted really until i started going to liveperson.com. there was something about the chat environment that really appealed to me. before that, i was going to psychic source and psychic access, mostly occasionally, but i was advisor hopping. i would go from one to another to another. i never believed the ones who told me what i wanted to hear, but if someone told me something i didn't want to hear, i didn't believe them. i have talked to a different advisor who advertises herself as an antidote to the fake hotline people, but she couldn't even get his [the person i was asking about] hair color right. oh, and they all tell me the same thing. he loves me, he wants me back, it's just a matter of time, this is what is going on with him and there's a lot of overlap with the psychics telling me what's going on with him, so i figured they were telling me the truth. and the ones who tell you stuff that's bad, they have a motivation, too, for you to keep calling. if they tell you that so-and-so isn't coming back, you might go to them again out of desperation, hoping they'll say something else, or they'll give you a prediction about someone else coming into your life. i have heard it all. to be honest, the quality of the readings i have had are all about the same, except a couple at liveperson have seemed a little scripted. this all started probably around aug. of 2009 and since then i have talked to probably i would say at least 30 different readers and i am still doing it and i know it's taking a toll on me.

    this is how bad it is: i know for a fact that one person i talked to was just plain wrong. i got an email from the person i was asking about and i didn't know whether or not i should read it. so i seriously called psychics and asked them if should read. actually, i talked to several different different people. two told me to delete it. the one said it was mean and insulting and just plain downright rude and i shouldn't read it, and the other guy said to just delete it. well, i also talked to someone else at asknow and she said i should read it and that it wasn't negative. guess who was right? the person at asknow. i read it, but only after i talked to this other lady at liveperson who told me how he still liked his ex and blah blah blah and so i got upset and before i even read what he had to say for himself, i got ticked off and sent him a mean message and told him to ignore my facebook friend request, which he of course did. and if i hadn't listened to those idiot psychics who told me not to read it, maybe things would be different right now. it is not their fault, but they were just plain wrong. the other girl who was right, i went back to her and i talked her about stuff. but it's not like i've just been talking to her. i'm still advisor hopping and spending money i don't have. and i think i've ruined things between myself and this other person. and of course i'll go ask a psychic to see if i have. i found one person at liveperson who said that i am having a lot of readings and it can drive you crazy and wreak havoc on your love life and that i should try prayer instead. of course she also works with psychic addicts. and she did tell me that he likes me, so i guess we'll see.

  21. Hello,

    I am a psychic addict. I think just writing the words and admitting it is a great step. However, I know I have spent thousands over the past 4 years and only recently realized that I have a real addiction. After reading the messages posted here, I find that I have much in common with others who struggle with this problem. I have a lot of misery that is still haunts me from my childhood, even though I try to not whine about it, gain strength from it, and empathize with those who have had childhoods like mine. The fact is though, deep down I am very lonely, don't have a real family to share the Hell that has been going on the last few years because they are Less than no help, and most friends I have are either superficial or I just don't see enough to get what I need in terms of counseling and help. In the last few years, I have gone through a nasty divorce, had 3 surgeries, moved 3 times, had some not so wonderful jobs, lost friends because of the divorce, and lost $ and things because of the divorce. The counselors I went to were expensive and were like talking to a wall. The psychics gave me hope and someone to talk to and were seemingly positive. Ironically, I have some psychic ability myself, so this has been quite a journey.

    I am really trying to pray more, get out more, slowly find new friends and build a new life, but it is a struggle. Do I suffer from depression? Sure. I have always prided myself for being one of the few non-smoking, non-alcoholic or obese people in my family, but instead, this has been my "drug of choice", and I am too ashamed to tell anyone about it because people I know would not be understanding. At best they would laugh their asses off, at worst be disgusted and not have anything to do with me, and I would be even lonelier than I am now!

    1. National Talk ShowAugust 2, 2012 at 4:53 AM

      I work for a Nationally Syndicated talk show.I there anyway i can contact you? I would love to help you

  22. i have spent a year going to psychics. first it was just one woman and i would try to limit it to once a month. then i started calling psychics on keen. well most of them told me that my ex of 6 on and off years still loved me and would break up with his gf. then he got engaged. i kept calling and they said he wouldn't get married. well he got married yesterday. i feel so devastated. i know i have an addiction and it WILL ruin my life if i don't stop. i thought that if he got married then i wouldn't want to talk to psychics anymore but i find myself still wanting to. were they all just telling me what i wanted to hear? was there ANY truth to what they were telling me?

  23. I too am addicted to psychics, and have now been calling Keen for about 5 years, I have found true psychics on there but this is NOT the solution to my problems or my depression. It has gotten really bad with in the passed year, and I TRULY would do anything to stop but I can't and don't know how either. My family just found out about it today and I'm VERY ashamed, and feel the urge to call them now. Those of you who have overcome this same addiction, how did you do it? Please HELP!!!

  24. Hi Everyone.

    I read all the comments and my heart is just broken. I UNDERSTAND!! I've been there too. I'm so sad for all of you and sad for what I went through too.

    The thing is, addiction is so strange. Sometimes we think by shear will power we can get through it. But you WILL have cravings to get back into it. But remember a craving just lasts for a little bit of time. When that comes over you and you feel you HAVE to talk to someone, GET OUT OF YOUR HOUSE. Go for a walk and connect to reality. You will notice the trees, the breeze, people outside and you will feel a bit more connected to life. Or go for a cup of coffee at a cafe, call a friend. Just get out of the cave.

    ALSO, PLEASE!!!!!! You MUST close every account you have created on any psychic hotline or website. AND you must block any and all psychic websites on all computers in your house. I can show you how to do this.

    I wrote an article about some practical steps to help people stop. It curbed me from my spending. Yeah, I still have random cravings and have to deal with it. But you will handle them better if you have permanently blocked the sites on your computer.

    Read my article on How to Stop a Psychic Reading Addiction. My email address is on there and if you have no one to talk to, you can email me personally. Talk to me, I will write you back. Anytime you have a weak moment, talk to me and let me be a listening ear.

    Read the article here:



  25. I have been trying to quit!!! I can't believe i've been doing this. I've started to talk to as many psychics as possible in one day to see the different outcomes they have for me. I can't believe it! I'm unemployed and charging money I don't have. I closed one account, but the other account seems difficult to close and they told me it's a long process even though I told costumer service line I was becoming addicted. I need to block all calls & lines.

  26. This really is helpful, I find it so confusing as one psychic will say x and another y and then both claim to be right when the outcome is z
    I totally agree with the "go with the flow" comment, psychic readings just totally focus you on the outcome and the ride along the way is just inconvenient however the ride is "life" and you end up giving away your power through constant focus on the predicted outcome and when things do not go as predicted it can generate a lot of anger / frustration. Please note you make your own future and to certain extent luck, sure there maybe an element of fate / luck / destiny etc however the biggest influence on your life is you and God not a psychic ITS YOU and what you do that counts i.e. you will not get fit by having a psychic reading even if it predicts you will be superfit in the next few months - You have to go the gym, yoga or eat well etc Often a psychic reading is a kop out, escapism a fantasy that panders to your insecurities it gives you an instant hit of hope and validates destructive patterns . more often than not it will probally be better and cheaper to have counselling and get to bottom of your issues or alternatively have faith in god and yourself in doing what is best for you - it is important to note that only you control your thoughts and actions and not a psychic and you can not map out your future that way - the universe just does not work like that.

    Do not get me wrong I have had some good psychics and do believe they have time and place however i believe a lot of them are able to read you and your thoughts and patterns as opposed to any given situation
    Put it this way I have had some profound predictions that have come true and others from the same psychics that are woefully wrong - and being a logical being I can not work it out so end up going around in circles.
    If you go with the flow have faith in you and your loved ones, keep your power, trust me you will be in a lot better position than constantly seeking validation and security through this foundationless readings
    Sorry I had to get that off my chest ....

  27. note you make your own future and to certain extent luck, sure there maybe an element of fate / luck / destiny etc however the biggest influence on your life is you and God not a psychic ITS YOU and what you do that counts i.e. you will not get fit by having a psychic reading even if it predicts you will be superfit in the next few months - You have to go the gym, yoga or eat well etc Often a psychic reading is a kop out, escapism a fantasy that panders to your insecurities it gives you an instant hit of hope and validates destructive patterns . more often than not it will probally be better and cheaper to have counselling and get to bottom of your issues or alternatively have faith in god and yourself in doing what is best for you - it is important to note that only you control your thoughts and actions and not a psychic and you can not map out your future that way - the universe just does not work like that.

    Do not get me wrong I have had some good psychics and do believe they have time and place however i believe a lot of them are able to read you and your thoughts and patterns as opposed to any given situation
    Put it this way I have had some profound predictions that have come true and others from the same psychics that are woefully wrong - and being a logical being I can not work it out so end up going around in circles.
    If you go with the flow have faith in you and your loved ones, keep your power, trust me you will be in a lot better position than constantly seeking validation and security through this foundationless readings
    Sorry I had to get that off my chest ....

  28. I have also realised that I'm having a psychic addiction problem. Just by chatting to at least 30 different psychics on Liveperson I have spent over 9k usd from April this year up until now. I feel so ashamed about becoming broke while all this money is flowing right out of my bank account! I couldn't imagine my ex, who I'm still very good friends with, finding out that I have spent that much money to try to get back into a relationship with him. I have never told him or anyone else about how much I spent on psychic readings.

    Thank you very much for sharing your article on how to beat psychic addiction. There is a blog written by lightness in truth on blogspot.com about the frightening tactics used by psychics there to lure you in and drain your savings away. The information I read on that blog is enough to convince me to walk away from the mess I got myself into and to start moving on. Please keep up the fantastic work on this blog, I really appreciate it.

  29. I've been to hell and back with this addiction - I echo every comment made on here, I am a very pro-active person in my life but have been dealing with extremely challenging issues for the past 5 years when my world has changed beyond all recognition. I did find some genuine people although I think LivePerson is awful as a site but mostly what I found was temporary relief from facing a situation which now has to be faced anyway - with no savings and no money and in a lot of debt - there has to be a better way. People say have faith but it's tough. I suppose these people gave me hope which I don't have much of otherwise and I do know and understand that this is how they make their money. I feel terribly ashamed and weak and helpless and alone - they were at least someone to talk to - I changed careers and am unemployed now and so really apart from one person have very few people to interact with. It's not an excuse - it's an explaination - I thank God for the article above that tells you how to block these sites on your computer. I also ask any of you reading this to say a prayer for me and for all of us who struggle with these issues. I don't judge anyone for being involved with these hotlines and with respect to the rational person above, I think we all basically know who is in charge of our lives (Us and maybe God if you have faith) but we turn to these people because our faith in our own abilities to affect change in a situation is diminished. Right now I just feel like a failure for not being able to make things happen in my career and even more so for keeping that addiction going and getting us into worse financial trouble. The thing is is that the thought that things might really be this bad and there may never be any relief is so awful to contemplate that I find it hard to keep living - I don't have the courage to do anything awful to myself and I would feel too guilty about hurting those I love to follow through but I am seriously depressed and without anyone to really show me how to get out of it. Ironically I'm the one other people come to for help with their problems - all except one close person think of me as totally together - and I am - with this MAJOR exception. I feel like a wuss - and I know I am and I don't know how I let this happen. I would like to hear from people strategies that work for them to keep their spirits up - and please do say a prayer for us all - I know we all need it - keeping you all in my thoughts right now as I say one. Please post only encouraging words - I can't face any more negativity right now.

  30. I was heavily addicted to KEEN. There were some very accurate readers and that was really the problem...besides my life taking a huge crap. From what I can tell, and I'm pretty embarrassed to say this, I think I spent close to $52K before it all ended years ago. I never really financially recovered from that escapade. It has been 6 years since I picked-up the phone to call KEEN. I actually had a psychic help me break the addiction. She was a very caring person and didn't charge me anything but did help me put some things into perspective and I cut-off the calls cold turkey. That was a really brutal time of my life and I am so glad it is over. Close your accounts out now and don't look back. Get some friends that will talk to you for free and keep you occupied. Pray. Trust yourself and your own intuitions. No addictions are healthy and anything that led you to psychics should be eliminated from your life also.

  31. Dont feel ashamed!! i went through a traumatic, emotional year in all aspects of my life. I suffered a breakdown and fell into depression, i got used by the person i loved and i spent hundreads on these people after the break up. I am a confident, outgoing person who just went through a badtime. I have great friends, family alot of people i can talk to the psychics i used because i was confused and i used them as my therapy. I dont feel ashamed....call it a safer addiction. If you didnt have psychics for a high what would you use?...drugs/drink?! My addiction lasted 6 months, i've always been a strong person but i fell and i used my inner strength to get out of it. The last comment....your going through a badtime like i did and you will get out of it! Its not a lonely thing i had my mates but i still needed psychics, i went out had a laugh and still went home to have a chat with a psychic. Its an addiction, all you have to do is be positive, just say to yourself eveything happens for a reason. I look back and i laugh at what i did, if i dont if i dwell on it i will depress myself even more. You only have one life, get up, get help and change what you have. My past year....Madness!! Emotionally traumatic, loss of finances, bullying, suicidal, breakdowns, stressful.....you name it, it happened!! Now im confident, happy, ambitious and ready for what life brings next. xx

  32. Hey everyone, Thanks for sharing your stories.

    As some of the people here are "addicts" I would appreciate it if you not mention any accurate readers by name or service as this may trigger some people to call and spend more money. I've published all the comments (other than those from psychics promoting their services and the abusive comments) but please keep this in mind for future comments as I'm sure no one here wants to encourage other people to get "hooked" back into making calls to telephone psychics and spending money they can't afford. Other than that, please keep sharing your stories!
    ~ Talia

  33. Yes I have been a psychic addict since 2008 when my ex boyfriend and I broke up.
    to some degree, the psychics were actually right on which caused me to call futher because a lot of their predictions came to pass.
    I also was lonely and anxious wanting to know the answers and wanted instant gratification instead of having the confidence in myself that knowing everything would be ok. I probably spent over 200k in 3 years../I could've put a down payment on a new home but that's besides the point. I feel so stupid on relying on psychics to predict the future because I'm so out of control
    Anyhow, if you must call a psychic, my word of advice is get a reading but wait til the timeframes the psychics give you come to pass and verify what they say. If nothing happens, don't keep calling, just let it go and rely on your own intuition of knowing what to do and feel confident that you have the ability to know what to do. Don't feel hopeless or fearful. If you are lonely, take out a piece of paper and write down your emotions of why you're feeling that way and write down why you need to call a psychic and how much it would potentially cost..it will deter you from making that next call.
    Take it one day at a time. one day you don't call. the make the goal one week. then one month, etc..You'll feel so proud and accomplished. Try meditating too. I noticed when I focus on something, meditate hard and will my way to have something manifest, that is just as powerful if you need something. Or pray if you're religious. You know the answers inside of you, listen to your own intuition. Most times psychics just confirm what you already know so why pay them..pay yourself!!

  34. Hello everybody,

    all of your stories sound so familiar, I have been exactly where you've been....it's a terrifying addiction to have. I don't know how many times I've said "This is the last call", and it hasn't been....I've tried so hard to kick this addiction, and I don't either want to think about all the money I've spend. I'm trying to get to the root of this addiction: I keep thinking if I try to heal and help the cause of this addiction maybe the addiction itself will melt away and disappear. I've now been writing a lot what led me to this addiction....I've always been a very intuitive, sensitive person, and I think I have tried to find relief, comfort, consolement, tried to ease the pain, fear and panic in me by calling psychics ( I do believe the psychics I called have been real, I've got help from them, short term relief from pain and depression, but then it all comes back and I need another fix). So it's a fix after fix....I now know I have to try to help myself in other ways than calling psychics- I've been using bach flower remedies 8homeopathic remedies for depression, shock, grief, anxiety etc) and herbal remedies for anxiety and depression (st. johns wort, gotu kola, tulsi) and vitamin B and minerals to strenghen my nervous system and that way to combat this addiction...but I know the cause of this addiction is somewhere deep inside me and I need to get to it. It all started after a close family member died and soon after I was entagled in a very difficult and sad "relationship": I've been treated quite badly, and have had a terrifying fear of losing this man. I think I've been in such a fragile and vulnerable state of mind and being, it's no wonder I ended up having an addiction: I believe addiction (whatever addiction it may be) gives us all short-term relief from pain, hopelessness, fear, depression....It gives relief and helps for a while, but it doesn't address the true problems and anxietes and depression and pain that lies beneath. I do believe these things are the root cause of an addiction, and psychic addiction is our "drug of choice". Maybe we are very sensitive, intuitive people who feel relieved and uplifted by calling psychics. We need to find peace of mind, comfort, and uplifting experiences in other ways than calling psychics. To heal depression and anxiety and find relief in other ways....I believe there should be support groups for us, there are so many of us, and it's such a painful addiction: so much shame and embarrassment is attached to this addiction, I sometimes think maybe it'd be easier being an alcoholic :) But I try to think maybe I have learned something valuable through this psychic addiction experience: to not judge addicts, feel empathy for all people full of pain and grief and sorrow who try to help themselves get relief through addiction...be it psychic addiction or any addiction. And the extra worries and pains an addiction brings: most of us financial ruin and shame and embarrasment. Although calling a psychic brings short term relief, it causes long term anxiety because of financial worrying, and the horrible feeling of being disappointed in yourself: I let myself go and ended up calling a psychic again....I'm no good, will this be my end, I can't believe I did this again, I'm so embarrassed, so ashamed, I feel like a true loser. I truly wish you all the best and pray and hope you are healed from this addiction. Take care everyone :)

  35. - They certainly have predicted things, but when I got there after months of incessant worry and money spent, I was ambivalent about the outcome.
    - I feel guilty for sharing someone else's personal things and finding out stuff about them that they did not want to share.
    - From a reading I found out that he was not cheating (which I believed from the reading and which was true), so I did not accuse him of this, but will never know if I would have been truly suspicious of it and/or confronted him about it if I hadn't gotten the reading.
    - One reader told me that I will never believe a prediction until the time comes / doesn't come. This is correct and when I don't accept it I call. Call for more opinions if I'm not sure of authenticity or more details if I feel it authentic.
    - I am never at ease knowing what is going to happen, even if it is good. I spend a lot of energy keeping my fingers crossed, waiting, and money making sure. Boy do I get angry if it looks like it's going to fall thru or does, so I call.
    - Ironically I worry that knowing the good outcome is going to shift it from actually happening because the knowing might have set me on a new path. Is the part of the path calling? I call to ask if I've set things of course by calling.
    - The more productive things I could be hyper-focused on. The more attractive things I could be focused on. I don't ever want to show my face at the bank. I burn all evidence. I'm embarrassed by the ads Keen sends to my PO Box. What if someone collected my mail for me? Does the postmaster know?
    - Emotional reasons I do it-- I'm sick of being let down. I want my dreams to happen. I'm inpatient. A big one: I can't get myself to do anything else.
    - This month I keep track of ALL my spending. Every time I spend money I write down what I spent it on and my new balance in my phone. The awareness is helping. I might start putting money that would have been spent into savings, had I followed a craving
    - When my friends are having financial difficulties, I feel so guilty for having "chosen" to give myself financial problems.
    - I DO NOT want to have a marriage, nor a relationship headed towards a marriage, subjected to readings. I want to form ultimate complete trust. Trust in my partner. Trust in myself. Faith in our relationship.
    - Really, the hearing something or other will happen has lead to overall more anxiety than if I had just continued to be patient and wonder. It becomes such a needing a fix scenario, where upon for a block of time I can not think of anything but getting that fix.
    - Such a waste of time it has been. I forgive myself. It is ok, but now I know and I want to be smart to act upon KNOWING that the readings have not helped and thus CREATE a happier healthier life for myself. I feel that my confidence and relationship will grow and I will become more and more sure that no reading is the best choice.
    - Man oh man it can be tough. Tonight, I am thinking about calling to get suggestions and/or encouragement to stop calling.

  36. I've been an addict since December 2008. That's when my grad school boyfriend decided not to contact me. The calls to psychics since then did not stop until just recently. My last call was a few days ago (but it will be my last this month for sure), and I just discovered that I've been spending about $6000/year on this. It's ironic that I am an addict, I am a health care professional and work with meth, cocaine, prescription drug abusers day in and day out.
    Luckily, I don't feel so depressed or anxious anymore, and I've noticed that I don't need psychics when I'm happy. I have things to look forward to now that I didn't have before: 1) I am interviewing at 2 places and hoping to leave my current job (source of depression/anxiety) 2) realization that my ex in grad school is not worth $6000/year and I am better off without him.

    Here is my advice:
    1) if you can't fight it yourself, get help. Even if it means going to AA if you can't afford life coach or counseling.
    2) being spiritual may help. In the last 2 years of my depression, anxiety, what helped me most was not the psychics but my new found spirituality. I read Michael Newton's Life Between Lives books and it really helped. There are spirit guides that help us (you might have heard some psychics refer to these guides). I believe that we all have them, and they're most likely wanting us to get over this addiction. I even had one psychic tell me that I had a financial spiritual guide. That should've been my cue to stop these calls and spending money I should've put in savings or paying back my mother and brother.
    3) Don't beat yourself up, that will make your anxiety worse. It is your choice to spend time thinking about the money you've lost or moving on.
    4) find another addiction. I stopped calling psychics when I bought my kindle and couldn't wait for all of the free books to download. Go to your local library. start reading--anything! I am currently reading spiritual guide books written by Brian Weiss (I still prefer Michael Newton) and astronomy, physics books (I know, nerdy). but a reading addiction can be more cost effective and helpful (especially if you go to a library). And it will keep your mind busy, and you'll just be smarter for it, too!

    That's all I have for now. While I am just realizing that I am addict, I hope you may find this helpful.

    As for myself, I will update this forum to let you know if I've had a relapse and am calling psychics again. Good luck to everyone and thanks so much for posting your experiences, fears, and hopes.


  37. Hi,
    I have been going through a very painful divorce and lots of depression and anxiety over not seeing my daughter everyday.I started calling psychics to see that I would indeed survive this ordeal with the ultimate hope that my family would be restored. They would all say what I already knew, that the other woman was evil, that my husband was immature, and that my daughter was very hurt and confused by all this and that my husband really feels guilty. I kept trying different psychics to hear the obvious. I was about to go onto Live person when I instead searched to information on people addicted to psychic readings and I'm glad I did. I pray for all of us who feel lonely, sad, depressed and just want to see that there is hope.If nothing else, I do not feel so alone and know that we are all looking for someone that cares because like someone said before, we are sensitive people that I am sure have a lot of love to give if given the chance.God bless you all

  38. I am quitting NOW!!

    And I have spent loads of money in these people

    I feel soo stupid, I am well educated and the whole lot.

    I suppose I use them as my counsellor, and the sweet you can call them whenever you want.... and when you feel down and that things are not going to change, I liked calling them so I would get re-assurance things would change

    Stupid me! but I was using them as part of my Karma or something....

  39. Hello
    I too have had a pretty bad addiction to psychic lines. I'd spend the whole weekend calling one after another. I couldn't sleep anymore.

    I'd usually had a deep, integral, intuition...you see!

    But it had failed me, in recent years - and instead of accepting it - I'd try to rationalise the behaviours of others. "Why this" ... "why that".

    I'm lucky - that I had the money... but it still is not cool at ALL!

    Basically... I'd been in a relationship with a man who told me lies (I think) ... abused drugs (I suspect).... hired hookers (so I was told). He abused me - and hurt me - RAPIDLY -in a 4 month "spiral".

    We were together for 2 years and I didn't recognise him anymore.
    I asked Psychics things like .... "was he abused himself"... "did he have PTSD" ?

    You name it! I looked for the answers!

    Truth is... Who KNOWS! Who cares!
    I had to draw a line - only I held that key!

    I will say, however, these lines did ALLOW me to exhaust my emotions... Consider every possibility - SOOOO much so - that I didn't care what the hell happened anymore.

    (Albeit at a price).

    So - for the entrepreneur reading this...
    Why not set up a Global counselling line. That's cheaper!
    It would be lucrative and great for those suffering, alone!

    And... seemingly - I realise that I have little to NO family around me. Friends that I do not want to "bore" - with the "why's" and "what's".

    I guess it's a case of "curiosity killed the cat".
    And if my cat was the love I had... my curiosity did help kill it - stone dead!

    Still, counselling may have been a better plan - but I grieved alone and quickly. And, in some way - came through it a better person!

    (Still - albeit with a price)!

    To anyone reading this in the same place:
    From one psychic addict- to another...
    I suggest speaking to the inner you. You know the answers. And- if you don't... be gentle on yourself. They will come to you one day.

    Let go. It's in the past.
    Let life guide you.

    A Jones

  40. Thank you all for sharing. We should go to Dateline NBC and tell our stories. Don't feel shameful. We pay upfront and they can say whatever to us after we connect. I have been calling for 5 yrs and realized I have called excessively. I sit her today reviewing notes and shaking my head because 99.99% didn't happen or come true. To listen to the damage that is done and to think of the untold stories. One thing is in common we are feeling lonely due to some circumstance beyond our control. Yes it does spiral out of control. I am praying everyday not to make that next call. Good luck everyone and I send you all the strength in the world not to make the next call ever again. Take care.

  41. I am a psychic addict and have been having readings sometimes 5 to 10 in one day and it is making a serious dent in my finances. I call them when I am unsure as to what will happen and they assure me that all will be well. For the next hour I am comforted and then the anxiety and depression continue and I have no idea how to deal with it. Thank you so much for sharing your stories because I feel better reading them and understanding that I am not alone in this battle.They have been wrong many times throughout the past year and even before when I was infrequently having readings. I have been hugely disappointed by their predictions and would love to warn everyone of the wonderful euphoria of having someone tell you that all will be well and it is not and never turns out to be. I have been dating this guy for 3 months and they told me he was wonderful and it was a soul connection etc. I believed them and gave my all in the relationship so much so that I was being treated badly. Now that the relationship has ended they are now saying that he is not nice etc. after the fact. It is a hype in some form and it is like any other addiction. They are human like the rest of us and can only attempt to predict but can they really? Many times throughout the past year, fate has shown that there are many twists and turns that they do not see. Yet, I keep calling them and getting myself into a huge debt because of this because of lack of emotional support systems.This false sense of security continues as I battle with this addiction and found this site today with fellow sufferers and kindred spirits. Thank you al for sharing and I know now that this horrible secret I share is no longer. Just knowing that can help me cope with the next bout of anxiety as I continue to battle with myself to not make that call and find false hope and understanding from persons who care little about me and my feelings.


  42. Hello all.

    In deep respect and compassion for what you have all been through. I am a journalist looking to shed some light on this issue: How does one become addicted to psychics, why, and is there something to be done about the problem? I am in the early stages of preparing a project about this, and am looking for sources. If there is anyone living in LONDON who would like to share their story with me "in real life", I would greatly appreciate it. I would be interested in hearing other people's stories as well, but if you are not based here in London, unfortunately I couldn't use your stories as I need to corroborate them somehow. But please continue sharing your views on the message board, it's very interesting (and sad) to hear what can happen when you get too much involved in this scene.

    I hope to hear from someone shortly. You may e-mail me on: hege.otterholm [at] gmail.com.

  43. I have a unique situation though in the same boat as the rest of you. I am a psychic medium myself. I read on one of the major sites and have a private practice. My own calling for readings though has gotten out of control. I am embarrassed to say the least. What a dilemma . The truth is I am a genuine psychic, I get dates names , time frames connect with the other side with indisputable facts with no prompting or questions, I have yet to find anyone who even comes close to my own level of accuracy. Can I read for myself.....NO. But I am again looking for another spiritual teacher to get me out of this mess with myself..as that is where the real issue lies. I am in this to help other people.

    I got a call the other day from a woman who told me she had an addiction . I spoke with her for 20 minutes told her to cancel her account and refunded her money. I know this is a calling for me, but I am truly questioning in what venue and if I can or should stay on the hotline. I prefer hour long readings in person...I can go out over a years long time.. I also prefer in person readings and have no problem telling people if I think they are overusing the hotline service. No-one has ever done this for me.

    All of my readings have been over a failed relationship that to me is very karmic in nature. It has been a hard thing to accept. Does he always come back yes, is it ever resolved... no. I didn't believe a word any of them said and kept calling. it's just nuts..they are 1/2 right and 1/2 wrong. I guess all they have offered me was hope...but the price tag is way too high the hope is false . There is also some anxiety and depression here.

    I am also an educated professional woman and therapist. Yikes
    so yes, we real psychics also do exist.. but I am here to tell you we are very few and far between..

    I am thinking I should write a book.. this is truly a double edged sword for me.

    I wish you all peace. God help us..

    1. Hi
      I am getting addicted to to hot lines too, I have been having readings on and off for over 10 years, and all have been about finding the one.

      recently it has got worse and I have been calling the hot lines, they all have said the same, the man I was with will come back, and then I have a chance to be with him, and shortly after I have the option of meeting the right man.

      I have been hearing this now for several months, but nothing has happened. I believe it will, that is my hope, I had a reading just 2 days ago and she said your ex is coming back and you will either get with him and also meet some-one new in the next month. so I believe it, I actually do believe it deep down.
      I am just so heartbroken that my love life is so sad and I am now in my mid forties and have not met the one yet.. so I keep on ringing.
      I am getting desperate, what should I do , stop the pyschics for good and face facts that I don't know what will ever happen? I feel really anxious and sad I need the confidence in myself to love my self and not rely on this, false hope

    2. But how do you KNOW you are accurate if you can't read for yourself? Out of each 100 readings you have given, how many did you get feedback from? Most psychics overestimate their own accuracy and can't believe it when told later that they got it wrong.

  44. Hi there,

    My name is Brittany Simonton and I'm a Production Assistant at Sharp Entertainment, a television production company based in New York City. Currently, we're casting for a new series on TLC that showcases those who live an extremely passionate and unique lifestyle. We'll follow them on their pursuit and delve into their world as they teach us what it is that drives their obsession.
    During my research, I came across this site and was wondering if anyone would be interested in talking to me about your obsession with psychics. Please email me at brittanys@sharpentertainment.com if you are interested.


  45. Hi All,

    I also have this problem and have been trying to overcome it for the past twelve months. Although I have stopped calling as much, I'm still calling them, it's such an insidious addiction as you feel so much shame and embarrassment and suffer such great financial loss, it's devastating.

    I've spent thousands over the last four years and it's all down to me not trusting myself enough and needing someone to talk to when I feel anxious.

    Of course, some of the predictions are accurate, that's what hooks you in, so you ignore all the inaccurate ones and keep going back for more. You can't get your money back like you would from a regulated business, if you were sold faulty goods.

    You just try another,then another, again and again, it's compulsive and ultimately destructive as it slowly takes your power away, you start second guessing your own instincts. I've even got one who now works from her own home and the other night, she let me talk on for an hour and a half before I said our time must be up now, she said I must tell her if I only want an hour. Snapped, now, I know she only wants my money, as nice and caring as she is. One, many years ago even said that she was the director of my life, (to my astonishment and horror).

    I'm going to take the advice given here and go within for guidance, it's the best thing God has ever given me and it's what it's meant for.

    Thanks for all your stories, it has really helped me realize I am not the only one who suffers with this awful addiction.

    Good luck. God will help us if we help ourselves.

  46. Hi Everyone,

    I feel so blessed to have come across this site tonight, I kept telling my self that February 1st I would regain my life and trust God. I had even read Deuteronomy 18:10-12 about the danger of occult practices, yet I had become so obsessed about a relationship that started over a year ago with a man that was actually married with small children and had presented himself as single. My instincts and very direct questions were set aside after I called psychic after psychic telling me we were soul mates, twin flames and others telling me he was in fact married. Obsessing over this relationship caused me many sleepless nights, thousands of dollars and extreme doubt in my own inner wisdom. Just yesterday, I was determined to get the "real truth" and make a decision as this man is now in the midst of a divorce. I came across a site were I thought I was ONLY spending $25.00 and after 17 minutes I ran up a bill of over $200.00 on top of overdraft fees. Needless to say, after many readings I would confront this man with accusations, suspicions and my "psychic facts". I just accepted today that I have an addiction to psychics, I had treated these services as having a wise "girlfriend" or male insight into the truth. I feel very saddened that I let this compulsion run away with me, oddly I had not seen this man for seven months. Three weeks ago I began speaking with him and the past two days I was beginning to fall into the same patterns until he said to me...."When you feel anxious and have fears and concerns...just call me and talk to me about it before you leave me a nasty voicemail or vicious text message."
    Because of this site, I have blocked the psychic sites and dating site that were the root of my anxiety. I am eternally grateful to Talia and Nancy.

    I pray that everyone have the inner strength and divine guidance to heal from this terrible addiction.

    God Bless

  47. Thank you, thank you, thank you! This site has possibly just saved my home, face, me from bankruptcy...I too have an addiction. During a failing 18 year marriage, I started to call Psychics...Was he having an affair? Was I going mad etc...majority said no, but my doubts(or gut instinct) told me he was. I was told he loved me, we were soulmates etc, we'd always together etc, I phoned 2 or 3 different people per day at the cost of £30 each. The story? Yes, he was having an affair. Yes, he is part of my life still...only because I divorced him and we have 2 children together. Yes, he does love me,and maybe he is my soulmate, but only one that caused me so much despair. Then I researcheds 'soulmates' at that time I didn't realise (and no psychic told me) that this wasn't always a good thing. So I mirror the comments about of course in some cases that the 'vision' 'prediction' could be interpreted in most scenarios. Did I learn? No. I met someone new. I doubted myself on every level. Again, too good to be true syndrome. I am deeply ashamed to say that I have embarassed myself by taken psychic's advice, possibly lost him (and I know we truly do love each other) and my finances are at an all time low. I am booking in to see my Dr. today. I hope that they can offer me some support. No-one knows about this and the strong person, who has been carer for my disabled daughter and confidant for so many people, is a wreck Maybe, after 4years of phoning psychics and I know I have spent well over £15,000, I should have sought help from my doctor in the first place. I too wish there was a recognised help group. Seems like, ironically, US or UK, we have all been told the same stories...i.e. hot/cold man, does love you, he has issues to sort, be strong/understanding, don't text, text, let him contact you, go knock on his door, commitment phobic, but he will marry you. OMG! I feel soooo stupid and taken in. My e-mail is sharonpurnell@btinternet.com. If anyone wants to chat (for free!) please e-mail. I'm an ordinary mum of 2. Now financially ruined!!

  48. Glad I came across this site. I feel like I'm on the road to addiction if not there already. It started Oct 2011, when I started having love problems and complications. I contacted Keen through chat, the reader was correct, so it just picked up from there. I just kept chatting with readers. The worse is when a reader says something negative, which makes me worry more and then I end up calling more psychics to help me feel positive again. It is like a drug addiction, because I get a temporary high, then it wears off, and I want another high. It is now April, I calculated that I have spent about $450 a month or so (about $4000 in 7 months). I have previously used keen, but never that much a month. Usually just about $20 a month and if I had $50 a month i felt guilt. I really want to get off of this psychic stuff and feel like I have a sense of control again. I know the first step is to cancel my account.

  49. Hi, I have recently terminated my account with Keen. I have to come to admit that I have a psychic hotline addiction. It was an expensive adddiction just like using drug. The psychic will feed me with false informations and I would just wait for the expected outcomes. Some did come true but majority did not. I am so tired of living my life through what the psychic's telling me. Honestly the money that I spent on this website could be money spend on building a downpayment for a home, a nice car, a trip or an education. I know that calling Keen gave me a sense of false relief from my life but in reality it delay me from dealing with my real life. I deeply believe that calling Keen is going to ruin me in the end. This website needs to be terminated!!! It is ruining people lives. I gave my power away when my finger is dailing the number---I feel that after terminating my Keen's account I gained back my power. Terminating my Keen account is a release from my guilt and my terrible addiction. I will deal with my life day by day. Living in the moment rather than false expectation.

    1. Hi! I' am totally on the same boat. I have no idea how to cancel this stupid site (excuse my language) Do you mind helping me on how you did it?? I cant believe I let my self get so far with this.

  50. Oh dear, I feel that too I am in the midst of psychic addiction. I'm in no where near in debt as much as some of you but it is taking money at I can't afford. I have never and would never call those 'hotlines' but I have a vice that is ebay, the cheap little readings that add up to a huge cost.
    At first I starting asking a few about my career as I'd took a huge change in direction and decided to go to Uni and have a total career change, a few confirmed that I was on the right path this time, so I started Uni and left it at that.
    THEN, I met someone at Uni, who I felt a 'connection' with, unlike no one before, finally I'd met someone who loved the same things I did (I have unique interests) so, I jokingly thought 'Well, they helped me with my career, maybe I should ask them about him too, so off to ebay I went, someone fairly cheap with a good reputation...the reader was very down to earth, said that he was 'curious' about me too, said that things would develop naturally between us...and I should have left it that, boy, I wish I had...
    Only my feelings for him spiralled from silly crush to overwhelming desire (I'm ashamed to say) so the need to know whether he felt the same became more intense, I asked more people and then the 'he's a soul mate' readings started to happen, which only made things a lot worse.
    All I got was 'be patient, be patient, it'll happen, you need to be patient, wait for him' they all gave me the same month that we'd 'be together' and I spent a lot of time waiting for that month, only when it came, nothing happened. I was devastated, by this time, I was totally in love with him and geniuely believed that we'd be together...only we aren't. We were closer yeah, good friends maybe, but nowhere near the point were they'd all lead me to believe we'd be by this point.
    And after this time frame, I re-visited the same readers, angry and hurt, asking for explainations...I got them all 'he wasn't ready, he's a soul mate runner, you're just meant to be friends, he's not the one for you, someone else is meant for you instead, he likes someone else...' and when you've invested so much in someone you "loved" (I'm beginning to think now that my feelings have been been re-inforced by the readings) - nothing hurts more to be told all that after waiting so long for their so called outcome :( They made me think I'd finally found someone special...I hadn't...
    AI certainly don't believe we're 'soul mates' anymore...it was just a strong attraction, simple as, simple human attraction.
    And what's worse, some even made extra predictions about my career in these 'love readings' without me even asking...a load of stuff about a 'huge life changing opportunity' coming my way...has it happened? Of course not. Nothing they told me ever did and ever will and I'm just so glad I've realised that now and I know once the hurt and embarrassment dies down, I'll be ok.
    I offer my heart and love to you people and my thanks for making me feel less alone and less stupid...and realising that it's just a big vicious circle that leads to emotional and finanicial ruin. I'm just glad I've realised after a few months and not a few years. I am going to cancel my ebay account and move on as best I can.
    Probably the worse thing out of this is that my faith is completely dashed, I had a huge interest in the paranormal and spiritual world's and a lot of the readings I had were angel cards, I loved angel's...found it all fascinating and beautiful, found comfort in it. Now, I hate it, I was lied to and decieved, I have thrown my angel cards in the bin and no longer pray or ask for 'help' - I have detailed ALL the readings and I am going it alone and intend to for the forseeable...you can only trust yourself.

  51. iam an educated lady but i have been addicted to psychic readings for at least 4 yrs and have spent thousands, i did stop for about a month but then my x came back so i have started to have readings again. i feel its the re assurance i get from psychics that has me hooked, then the day after i just feel i need another fix. im not sure what the answer is but i know i need to take my power back and start living my own life. i do not blame the psychics, infact one did tell me that i was having to many readings. Tommowow is a new day for me and i am going to once again try to stop. from experience i know i need to take 1 day at a time. julie

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    Is your obsession causing conflict because your spouse, sibling or child believes you're wasting your money and time? OR-- do they flat out hate psychics and are uncomfortable with you seeing one?

    If you believe that this may be you or someone you know, please email me at alonna.green@cbs.com. We want to help

    1. I notice a number of journalists or media reporters come to this page looking for people who would do stories with them. As a recovering addict myself, this is my opinion on it: why would I want to openly expose myself to media types? We ended up as addicts to psychic readings because of emotional vulnerability in the first place, some of us may have grudges against psychics by now, a feeling of having been taken advantage of by people we wrongly believed 'cared' in some way, and the last thing I'd want to do is expose myself to media types who are (rightly or wrongly) often seen to be bloodthirsty for juicy stories, i.e. "just in it for the money", no matter what trite words they may say about wanting to help. Call it 'trust issues' if you will, but that is the truth of it!

      Another factor is that shame of it all. Even with the option of anonymity, why take the risk?

  53. I was raised in a very superstitious environment. I had my first psychic reading when I was 11 or 12. Eversince then I was intrigued. It wasn't until years later when I turned 19 and had my own job and own transportation that my addiction started. By then, I didn't have to ask my parents for money and explain what it was for and didn't have to ask them for a ride. G-d knows what they would have said if I asked them to take me to a psychic. Anyways, I am now approaching my late 20s and it was my 2012 new year's resolution to stop getting psychic readings. I broke that resolution on the exact date of January 1st 2012. A couple of months later, I've decided to see a therapist to help me get past my addiction. I've talked to several therapists before making a decision on who to see. I found that most therapist are not trained in this type of addiction - even the one I'm currently working with. However, I figured that if I have someone else to talk to then I may not have the urge to seek advice from psychics. I was wrong. The worst part of my addiction is that I even dragged a friend of mine into this. Two years ago, I made a new friend at work. She and I became close quickly and I shared with her that I seek advice from psychics. She immediately started lecturing me on G-d and told me that what I was doing was wrong. Anyways, a few months later I told her that my psychic predicted that a co-worker of ours (I told her which one) was going to quit. A couple of days later that prediction came true. The next thing you know, she asked for my psychic's name. Eversince, she's been getting readings like it's nobody's business. She even started recommending psychics to me. Everytime she'd call me she wanted to discuss a new reading. If she called me about a situation in her life and I'd offer my advice, she'd get upset and would tell me that I am wrong and that her psychic already gave her advice on what to do and it's none of my business. She'd spend all of her money on healings, meditation, aura work, readings, etc. I didn't really realize that I had an issue/addiction with psychic readings until I witnessed what was happening with my friend. I literally saw myself in her. Part of the reason why her and myself have continued to seek validation or advice from psychics is because even though there are times wherein they aren't accurate, the times wherein they were accurate resonates with us. I know that I need to break away from my addiction. I'm not sure if there is anything I could do to help my friend because she doesn't want to listen to me. I've learned not to say anything else about psychics to any of my other friends/new people I meet because I don't want to subject them to the same addiction as I've done to my other friend. Looking back, in a way, I was at a much happier place in my life when I lived each day at a time, come what may, and did not rely on psychic readings to make decision. Now I'm just broke and confused. My hopes is that one day, I can overcome this addiction and look back and laugh about this ordeal.


  54. yes I've succumbed to the slippery slope of this psychic addiction. I'm older 59 and going through a separation with a lot of anxiety and I've found it helps hearing someone else say 'you're going to be ok'. But it's become very expensive and then I get disappointed with myself for doing this. Any suggestions are welcome... I am seeing a therapist but hesitate to discuss as I'm so ashamed,,,, maybe the next step is to bring it up so I can work on it..

    1. Don't be ashamed of this, this is a situation where you are searching for answers you can't seem to answer yourself. Separation is hard and I went through the same thing. Came home and found all of his stuff gone..like I didn't exist. I started calling for that reason also, but I also knew I was going to be ok. Things need to run their course, you just need to allow them to. Calling a 'trusted' psychic can give you the outcome that you will be ok, as you already know you will. You will still need to manage the stuff in between to getting to that point, whether you consult a psychic or a counselor. I recommend talking to your counselor. Healing is a beautiful thing so don't fight it. Allow yourself to feel and not be afraid of it..you will get through this.

  55. Only did I realize today that I am a online psychic addict. I don't go to multiple but just one who has also done "work" to help me. That work is costing me a lot and today I told them I could communicate anymore if it means I have to fork over more money. I'm just gonna try and stop by stopping talking to this psychic. Gonna try and be more open to my family and friends and hope it helps...

  56. I ring psychics because of the lack of moral support from friends and family through out my life. I have not made any real connections to people and not out of choice but it just seems that i only come across insincere people so i ring psychics for clarity on issues about my life instead. Had i had more love and moral support in my life then i would not be ringing these psychics as often as i do. Its just comes down to that plain and simple...The world is so cold and loveless.

  57. I actually believe in getting readings but with a level of balance. I was definitely addicted and places like Keen do not help. I was lucky and found a few really good readers that actually have private practices off of keen. It's way cheaper and you have to schedule an appointment. When your mind goes awry it's very easy to log on and search for someone on Keen to make your fear go away instantly. This does not help in getting to the root of the matter because then you doubt and want to call someone else. When you reach out to a reader who has a private practice you have to schedule an appointment and pay up front, this allows you to process the fear and deal with your moment until you have your reading. You can purchase 15, 30, 60 minutes and this allows you to put together real questions you want to ask about the situation and not in that moment of panic and fear. I can almost guarantee by the time you have your reading you will feel much different then in that moment of panic. You will have a much better reading also. Readings are to help guide you, not make decisions for you. Fear of the unknown is usually the culprit but what has helped me is knowing that I can control my life, life is hard and the more you deal with it and all of the fears and emotions that come along, I can guarantee you will feel much stronger for it where you won't need a reading to tell you when things will get better. you will know yourself. Regardless of what a reading provides, you are still going to have to deal with your moment, whether you are harping on a prediction to happen or whether you are dealing with an intense moment. The prediction or reading doesn't make your emotions or fears go away. You still have to deal. That was my revelation through all of this and hope it helps. Usually on keen you can't ask directly if one has a private practice but if you send an email to one you have been speaking with for a while they can answer that email. I also have some websites and names of ones that have helped me over the last 5 years from Keen. I have saved a fortune on not being on keen and have had way better readings also. I know it's rough and hope this helps.

    1. This amounts to trying to control a compulsion. Please add up all that you are spending even trying to control this addiction and you will be surprised.
      Compulsions are designed to less our anxiety. But we require more and more guidance to calm our obession to get readings. Private practice is not a solution to an addiction. No therapist would allow you to base your life decisons based on half truths and non-realty. And no therapist would allow you to become dependent on their services without a plan for you to become independent eventually. Your private psychic is there to collect money not to have you be independent.

  58. I didnt know that people are struggling with this issue i struggled with too.i spent sooooo much money on readings it is craZZZZZZY.in the past three years. i had a very tramactic expreience and sometimes the thoughts come back i have turned my life around to God yet those addictions come back.when i focus on God i found peace and joy and when i found myself alone and going thru emotional problems i call the psychics because i need immediate advice from someone who doesnt know me and possiably wont judge me.i feel horriable each time i do it then hang up i say its my last call but a minute later a force drives me to make another phone call are two.listen people i dont know if you believe in God but the bible says that these are demonic forces that drives us to these evil things thats why we feel horriable and broke afterwards.the devil is trying to distroy us by starting in our minds once he has control of our mind he has control of everything including our money so we walk away worst then we started out then we feel more depressed because when we call these forces we pick up an enemy are two and its hard to get rid of these demons.we have to pray everyday and ask God to deliver us from this and also repent tell God we are sorry to have contact psychics and please save us from more distruction.i will pray for everyone please pray for me.in jesus name.

    1. Here is a story that rings true because it's fear of the unknown that drives us to pick up that phone and call. When you go through something traumatic you seem not to trust anymore so you want information to avoid something being even more traumatic.

      Once there was a young warrior. Her teacher told her that she had to do battle with fear. She didn’t want to do that. It seemed too aggressive; it was scary; it seemed unfriendly. But the teacher said she had to do it and gave her the instructions for the battle. The day arrived. The student warrior stood on one side, and fear stood on the other. The warrior was feeling very small, and fear was looking big and wrathful. They both had their weapons. The young warrior roused herself and went toward fear, prostrated three times, and asked, "May I have permission to go into battle with you?" Fear said, "Thank you for showing me so much respect that you ask permission." Then the young warrior said, "How can I defeat you?" Fear replied, "My weapons are that I talk fast, and I get very close to your face. Then you get completely unnerved, and you do whatever I say. If you don’t do what I tell you, I have no power. You can listen to me, and you can have respect for me. You can even be convinced by me. But if you don’t do what I say, I have no power." In that way, the student warrior learned how to defeat fear. ”
      ― Pema Chödrön, When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times

  59. Hello everyone,

    I have read through all of the comments on here, and decided that I'd write my story. Thank you all for sharing, and I trust that you have found peace and freedom from the anxiety that prompted you to call psychics and become addicted.

    Something really interesting happened to me today that is causing me to really make a choice to cease calling psychics. A very reputable psychic on Keen refused to take me on as a client. After emailing back and forth, she said she'd meditate on whether to give me a reading, and seems to have decided not to. Now that's good news. Firstly, after waiting for her for days, and thinking I'd talk to her but then the call not coming through, I realized I know the answer to my question. So I am not that worried about her refusing me. Actually, I respect her for that.

    This brings me to something none of you have mentioned - the reviews on the sites. Being research minded, that's how I found the ones I ended up calling. I'd actually go on the consumer complaints sites and read and see which psychics were being defended. I've read hundreds of the psychics' reviews, trying to read between the lines and figure out of the people giving good feedback were being led on, or if they've truly been given predictions that were true. The ones I talk to a probably more than 50-60% accurate. Some seem to be more accurate on the large picture, some about the details. I've had psychics tell me remarkable details, only to be wrong on the outcome. This is where the difficulty lies of course. If they were 100%, I'd think I would have not continued to call. But they genuinely have gifts. Like you all, i do feel the bigger issue is why I call, not what they say. This is what is really dawning on me just today, is that I have used their words to pacify my anxiety.

    Regarding relationships, there is also one very important thing that I feel is happening when we call psychics. I do feel that there is a spiritual world that we become aware of to different degrees. That's how I started, I met someone I knew right away to be a soul connection. The first psychic I went to was actually a friend, and she told me nothing would happen. I didn't believe her. In my heart, I felt there was a possibility. Now, years later, I have met another man who I feel strongly spiritually connected to. Even without the psychics' advice, I know what type of effect he has on me. So I have felt that talking to psychics can be helpful in understanding the bigger dynamic (though I have to say only one of them helps me in this way, and she is a very ethical person).

    Ultimately, I do feel that direct connection to my true self is a lot more important, and is something I am developing. If I don't call psychics I will probably be forced to really listen to my own intuition more. I would love to hear about your views on this matter, especially the reviews people leave. There seem to be so many people who call, its truly remarkable. And the logic that they must be correct when leaving glowing feedback is clearly not a fully accurate one. I know I haven't left negative feedback when a prediction didn't occur.

    I wish there was a forum where we can all chat about it.

    Thanks for reading and Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. There are a lot of psychics that won't take on clients, they have their own callers that they work with regularly. Keen can be toxic and invite toxic people. When a psychic finds someone that they can truly help, and that means the client does the work on themselves also, they stick with those. It compliments their work because you get people that are only looking to put a band-aid on the bigger issue. We all have choices and free will and that is something that is not understood by a caller so it invites negative feedback. I actually believe in the work, however I have been lucky and found 4 really good ones I stick to and all have private practices off of Keen which makes a big difference. You have to make an appointment and pay up front, when you do that your reading is much different and that moment of panic that makes you want to call Keen in the first place has subsided so you can actually get an accurate reading without the emotions. The goal is to trust in yourself, the moments of fear and panic is what drives someone to call in the first place. I've been there and it never feels good. Learning to trust in yourself is a journey and one I take on daily. I have to remind myself that I am going to be ok and get through whatever I need to. I come first. However, as mentioned above, I do believe in the work and my 4 all have different styles and I do reach out when I need to talk through some things, but the choices I make are all up to me, my power is not in what is said to me. True intuitive guidance is to give you options, the choice will always remain in your hands. Also guidance is meant to aid in your spiritual evolution also not just give a date when he will call again. Trusting in knowing that you already know the answers is key, sometimes our emotions cloud that so your comment on your direct connection to yourself is indeed the most important. You know when something feels right and wrong. Psychic addiction is a huge issue and getting bigger because of sites like Keen. From what you said above, you seem like someone that is already connected to yourself, so believe in that. Hope this helps.

    2. yes there is a forum. Go to google groups and look for Psychic Junkie. I am a member of the 12 step program and we all chat on the phone daily.
      It has changed my life. I was spending $1100 a month and it works for me and others

    3. If you want more information about the Psychic Anomomyous 12 step Addiction Program please contact davidbear177@gmail.com
      This is a daily conference bridge call based on the 12 step program which allows sharing and discussion of our common addiction to psychic problem. The only requirement is abstience from calling or contacting psychics.

  60. I am on the same boat as you all! I had an unexpected relationship issue. I was on Keen right after a painful breakup and that put me on the path of calling psychics over and over again. Whenever I meet someone I just have to call a psychic get that rush when you hear something great and then it becomes an addiction. I am feeling so sad and helpless.. today after spending thousands.. I feel I am weak.. emotionally unbalanced.. I closed my account on Live person thinking I will not need that. Opened again and now drained every credit card I own. same addiction.. I thought I would stick to a budget and few readers and that will be all. I think what happens is you stop hearing your own voice, you stop thinking for yourself.. You loose your own power. I need help.. LIfe has not been easy.. These are all excuses.. These readers have become your own personal advisors friends and a board of people you go to.. Just keeps you going!!

    Today I realized.. I have a real issue here.. I think the problem is not stopping after one reading..

    I have 55 dollars in my account.. it is a low time and hope this will be the last.. I walk away from it... Now..

    1. I have been in your shoes. I am a part of a Anomymous Psychic Support Group. We talk every day as a part of a 12 step program
      Contac me at davidbear177@gmail.com

  61. I have a very similar story to everyone on here- and am relieved that this website exists for people who are experiencing this agonizing, shameful addiction. I started involving myself in reading tarot on my own when my relationship of 9 years began to crumble and he had told me all along we would get married- only to change his mind. That was six years ago. Since then, I became so adept at reading the cards, that I would read for my friends very accurately and could predict outcomes for others. I have had a lot of sensitivity / empathic/ spiritual experiences, and I am now living a life I would have never "predicted"- and deal with feeling afraid to trust anyone. I have been in several serious relationships within the last six years, and each has prompted me to call- mostly just to gain a bit of confidence and security in my uncertain situation. Could I trust this one? Was this guy going to be different? In the end, the reality was no. Did the psychics predict correctly? Most did. They said in the beginning: OH YES! And in the end: OH NO! and many gave SUPER accurate details. Mostly, they cared about me and my feelings when each guy seemed not to which felt so reassuring.

  62. I reached the depths of my addiction one year ago when after having come to a place of being content in my life: happy being single and not wanting to be in a state of "wanting a guy"- I met a man who convinced me that I was his perfect match and that we should marry. After several months of amazing times together, traveling, and he moved from his state to a few blocks from me- began the severe emotional/psychological abuse. It was AWFUL on so many levels. And to make matters worse- after I broke it off- I wanted him back. I wanted him to want me- and I called too many psychics to count. (continued)I would call at home, at work, in my car,- wherever I could do so privately - several times a day. I couldn't deal with reality and mostly- my feelings and resistance to the reality. I spent so much money- And now, one year later, I have not dated anyone because I only want to date when I am in a position that I know I can involve my emotions intimately with someone, and not have to call a psychic to know that I am safe.

  63. How did I get past the peak of my addiction? Well- honestly, I came to a point when I felt like I wasn't going to make it. I had spent all of my savings, maxed out my credit card, and had literally NO money in my checking account. It was scary to have a well paying job, and be eating the beans in the back of my cupboard because I couldn’t buy food. It was bad. I look back at that time, and see the pure desperation and pain that resulted in the addiction. I have a lot of forgiveness to do, in forgiving myself for behaving in a way that I NEVER thought I would, and for wanting someone to love me so badly- even someone who was abusive! I still deal with cravings and have to do something in order not to call… shopping, getting on this website, reading, but the best: meditation.

  64. (continued) In the end, honestly- I believe that we all have intuition. But- we do not all have trust in ourselves in using it. My problem is that I haven’t been able to distinguish my intuition from fear. So, I called others who have really honed in on it to help me. But I do believe that using anything outside of ourselves in finding definite answers (in any area of life) is very risky business. We will NEVER get the right answer outside our own heart. If it is what you want to hear, if it is not what you want to hear, you will always have anxiety over it, want another opinion - and then that opinion sparks another need for another opinion. AND... We lose our ability to manage our uncertainty when we rely on someone/something else. We completely lose that muscle. So when I decided NO MORE- it was one of the hardest days of my life and I spent a lot of time in bed. I felt negativity/fear crawling over me, and realized- this isn't love. This isn't trust. This isn't faith. And THOSE are the things I wanted the psychic to tell me that I would be getting in my future. I then read books like: A New Earth, and The Untethered Soul, the Bible, and realized that every reaction to my problem or question- is actually a request to the universe. So if I react with fear and uncertainty, then that is exactly what will be given. It’s how the universe works and I see that cycle very clearly.

  65. Now I realize that there really is no set “future” and that when a psychic does predict the future correctly, it is outside the realm of my understanding and it’s also from the perspective of THAT ONE MOMENT ONLY- and moments change! I know that I am giving my life power away when I decide to call someone else about what will be created in my life, instead of living through and creating in each situation (whether it is one to my liking or not!). Pain and uncertainty are part of the building blocks of learning how to create the things you want. Sitting on the phone to a psychic is not building anything and might seem harmless, but it is the kind of thinking that promotes weakness rather than strength, faith, trust in the ultimate good for your life.

  66. (continued) Living life in this moment, to the best of YOUR ability and FEELING THE PAIN- creates growth and your dreams coming true. don't be afraid of the fear! It's not going to kill you (it will make you think otherwise!)- you do have the upper hand if you just let it flow through you and know that you are LOVED. It will leave. Instead of calling, sit and feel your anxiety and observe it. Don't feed it with your mind. Instead- meditate and still your mind from the obsessive thoughts by letting the muddy basin of water that is your mind, become still enough to let the mud settle to the bottom so your mind is clear. Your moment to moment life is building your future. The core of WHO YOU ARE is not what you do, who you are with, or the ugly circumstances that might be surrounding you. Connect to the higher part of you outside of your pain. Allow your pain to be there but don’t identify yourself with it. (By “pain”- I mean loneliness, sadness, anxiety, broken heart, uncertainty, anger, suspicion, mistrust…) I say this with COMPLETE understanding and empathy for what you are feeling. Know that you can and will be okay!!!!! My prayers are with you!!!! You are NOT alone.

  67. I am a psychic addict, I realized it few days ago, find this site, thank you
    I had a terrible break up and already three years talked about it on line... the reason is shame ....I paid to psychic just to talk about ex- it was helpful just for the moment of talking but the pain come back and it does not help ... waste of money...professional help what I need it the most but how, where, I am so in shame of my behavior

  68. Hi ... I have been calling psychics for about three years. I was going through a tough time at work, experiencing a lot of anxiety and was lonely. There was also a relationship that wasn't going particularly well and ended at the same time. I was a complete mess. I've always been interested in the occult and until this time I had only ever visited psychics (bar 1 or 2 times over phone) face to face and then it was only occasionally. However, when I started speaking to them regularly I was ringing sometimes twice a day when things were really bad for me and now I am in the habit whenever I have any worries/anxiety I have the urge to ring them. I'm not sure how to 'fix' this... But I am very appreciative of everybody's posts and I don't feel so alone. thanks!

  69. I am just beginning to realize that I have been a fool and have become addicted to psychic lines and psychic advice over the last few years. It started gradually, but has snow balled into something that has been destructive to my finances and my mental health. Some of the people that I have talked with are genuinely kind and empathetic but some aren't. I also believe that some of these people network and share information and pass on information. They are not required to be confidential about the things you say to them! BEWARE!! I got wise to all of this because I kept feeling they were putting words into my mouth and you get clusters of info if you use these people regularly, that all tally for a while, but then can completely contradict previous "messages" from 6 months or whatever ago. I developed an interest in Tarot years ago because I find it hard to understand other people sometimes and it was grief that prompted me to start on this road. Please DO NOT trust these people, get proper counseling and make use of great FREE services out there.

  70. [Part 1]
    "Psychic readings are for entertainment purposes only". So says the disclaimer on all readings in the UK, so that no practitioner opens themselves up to risk of prosecution under the 1824 Vagrancy Act passed by Parliament, which made fortune-telling and astrology "punishable offences". But if it's all done in the name of entertainment, it's fine. And more pertinent to the topic at hand, no addicts or other customers who have spent large amounts of money on wrong predictions can go back and sue the psychics for professional negligence or wrong advice. If you didn't enjoy the movie at the cinema, that' s not the cinema's fault. And in a similar vein, if you didn't enjoy the reading, that's not the psychics fault.

    My experience has been similar to many here so I won't go into lots of detail. I consider[ed!] myself intelligent, well-educated, still have a decent job, and spent far too much on psychic readings in a manner of an addiction ,i.e. out of control. Like others, it started off innocently enough, needing a sympathetic ear and to be told "things will get better" after a relationship disaster. Like others, I was drawn in by the amazing ability of psychics to pick up information they couldn't have randomly guessed. And then I got 'hooked'....addicted. And things did not get better, despite the rosy predictions. Not till I quit the readings!

    I do believe in psychic phenomena. I do believe in the ability of some psychics to pick up things. I also believe the future is not set in stone, but is probabilistic and we can change the future. Therefore I would often excuse wrong predictions as cases where I had changed the course of my destiny from what had been projected at the time of the readings. A few readings stand out in my mind as having given me advice which literally changed the course of my life (for the better). But I would say that they amount to perhaps 5% of the readings at most, the rest being a 'waste' in the grander scheme of things. About a third of the readings probably made me hang on to no-hope situations longer than I should have, too, to my detriment.

    "So why do it?" someone may say?

    There are 2 aspects I would like to write about, which I could call "demand side" and "supply side" issues, respectively. Demand side looks at why I, the addict, felt the urge for readings. And 'supply side' issues looks closer at the psychics themselves.

  71. {Part 2}
    DEMAND side:
    Looking back as objectively as I can, I have picked out the following patterns. First in my behaviour: the addiction to readings is a symptom of a kind of dependency (or codependency) in my behaviour, lack of belief in self, touches of situational depression (on and off), lack of confidence in self, low self-esteem, lack of cultivation of my own intuition, lack of faith in myself to charter the waters ahead on my own, lack of focus on my own experience in life. These aspects of self are what led me to turn to psychics for help in the first place, like a moth to the flame, believing the answer is always "out there", not "in here".

    Whereas going for counselling with a good, well-trained counsellor would ultimately lead me having to do some work ... to work out the root of my psychological issues, psychics are an easy "short cut" answer. They tell me the answer quickly and easily. But a short-cut is a short-term solution, which puts a plaster ("band aid") on the problem and needs a top-up regularly.

    Once I finally viewed and accepted the addiction from this point of view, I saw that the readings were merely perpetuating the problems which I had originally turned to the readings to overcome, i.e. the lack of ability to stand on my own 2 feet and believe I can create my life, and go do it. They were in fact enabling and perpetuating the problem, whilst storing up future financial problems in the process. Ironic. The feeling of wanting a reading started to become distasteful to me in itself, which was my own intuition telling me "Stop!"

  72. [Part 3]

    Then I also looked back carefully over my experiences with the readers (majority over the phone, often as a repeat client). The quality of psychics varies as in any other profession, but more so because this is not a regulated industry. There are no minimum standards which must be abided by. Psychic networks screen their new applicants for ability, but who monitors the networks themselves? Nobody. Anyone can say anything and charge anything for it, and the addicts continue to pay for their "fix", keeping the industry afloat. The industry does not need to prey on the emotionally vulnerable because the emotionally vulnerable flock to the industry of their own accord!

    Nobody got things 100% right. But some were 100% wrong! Some people gave me specific details they could not have known (impressing me), but other information from the same person would be plain wrong (confusing me). I actually waited over a year to disprove one guy who was so confident his prediction would materialize. When I went back and challenged them over the failed predictions, a few good souls would admit they had got it wrong and apologize sincerely. Others had such big egos they would give all sorts of excuses and "explanations". I was eventually blocked by several readers in the end for challenging them when their readings repeatedly were wrong despite constant insistences on their part that what they saw would come true. They showed little remorse for the false hope they had imparted. The cost of that false hope was more than the money paid by the client (me) - it led to a lot of disappointment later. I wasn't sure who to be angry at: them for having led me on, them for not saying 'sorry I got it wrong', or myself for having been 'suckered', myself for being 'weak' to have turned to them in the first place.

    This is when I began seeing them for who they are. As I got to be more acquainted with some of them (in person or via internet), I realized many of them have as many personal crises as the next person. Many are themselves not mentally, emotionally nor spiritually balanced. I'm not demanding perfection of them but why seek guidance from someone about love matters when he/she can't sort out his/her own love life? Can someone who has had 2 divorces and continues to be stuck in a loveless marriage herself really advise me on letting go of the past and looking ahead to moving on to better things? Can someone who is himself codependent in his own relationship really advise me on 'detachment from outcome'? Where is their conscience in continuing to charge clients money when they have been given feedback that their predictions have not materialized? I'm not here to generalise and malign them all, but I did begin keeping a list of who had got things materially wrong (I overlooked small details being incorrect, though really if they can't get the small stuff right, why should I think they can get the big stuff right?) and as more people added to the list, I reached the obvious conclusion: this was one big waste of money. My money. There is NO accountability on their part, so I have to be accountable on my part and simply stop getting involved. Whatever their own psychoses, I finally decided to step out of my own psychosis by facing up to the fact that if all the amazing things I had been predicted years ago had come true as they claimed, I would have stopped "needing" readings ages ago too and would be living that happily ever after already!

  73. [Part 4]

    Worse than wasting my money was the fact that each reading merely reinforced my own dependency on the readings further. So in the end I took advice similar to what I've read in earlier posts, and cancelled the accounts, asked them to remove me from mailing lists etc.

    Let's stop admiring the Emperors' and Empresses' new clothes. I have reached the point where when I think of some of the psychics from the past, I feel they would have to pay ME to let me be read by them nowadays (and be ultimately more confused, misled, given false hope, wrong advice etc). Perhaps you need to be sufficiently deluded and then disillusioned to reach the stage I have reached! In the meantime, give yourself your own reading FOR FREE... pick from the regular phrases below... [see next message]

  74. [Part 5]

    You've had it rough in the past. / Things have not been easy for you. / You have experienced a difficult relationship. / You are healing from past hurts. / Career life has been challenging at times. / You've faced jealousy or envy from others, though perhaps you are not aware of it. / You're hardworking but sometimes feel under-appreciated for it./ You've always felt a little different. / You have never really felt properly understood by others, ever since a young age./ Life has been pretty turbulent for you. / Your kindness has been taken advantage of at times./ The Hermit card shows you have felt isolated ./ Your difficulties will be ending soon. / You have been making great efforts at change and life will reward you for this soon. / You are at a karmic cross-roads now. / You are ending one stage of life and beginning a new stage. / You are on the cusp of great change. / The Tower card shows that this current cycle is coming to an end./ This is your year of change. It is written astrologically./ A bright future is waiting for you. / Your prayers have been heard and will be answered. / There is no time in spirit so I can't say exactly when, but the changes are not too far away. / You will have choices ahead. / You have a little more healing to do but are nearly ready for a new life. / Someone from the past may return but someone new ... possibly 2 new people ... will also enter your life. The choice will be yours. / By the time the weather has turned warm again, you will be in relationship or will have at least crossed paths with a significant person. / You will meet someone compatible within '6'. This could be within 6 hours, 6 days, 6 weeks or 6 months (...or 6 years, or 6 decades...)/ The letters S, P, N or R will be significant. These could be initials of names, surnames, places of residence or birthplaces, or linked somehow to the person you will meet, such as pets' names, street names ,workplace names... / .Someone of similar height or slightly taller than you is connected to you in the future, with average build and dark hair. This is a person whose looks and personality you would find pleasing, and who has also been hurt in the past and is looking for the right person in his/her life now. / There is also the possibility of you connecting with a fairer-haired person who is good-natured and could make your heart sing. / You could have a good energy blend and potential happiness with either choice. / Your life is moving forwards and options are going to open up to you. You just have to stop holding on to the past. / What you want is someone who understands you and appreciates you for who you are. / There is travel for you indicated in the future and the possibility of a foreign or long-distance connection. / Money could be better right now; but things will improve going forward. / You will be meeting more like-minded friends in the future. You will be introduced to more of your soul group as you let go of the past connections which have drained you. / Spirit say you have done well to get this far and do not give up hope. / Your troubles will become a distant memory when you look back at this time.

    I hope you have enjoyed this FREE reading and found some solace in it! Remember that no matter what a psychic tells you- good or bad, correct or incorrect -ultimately only you can change your life anyway. Your future lies solely in your hands, not theirs. Freeing yourself from your dependency on those who are charging too much to perpetuate the dependency (even if not deliberately) is a great step towards your personal re-empowerment.

    Good luck and have faith in YOURSELF.

  75. I agree with what the first response said about it amounting to trying to control a compulsion. I have come across a psychic who even markets herself as being an expert in helping psychic addicts break the addiction! The irony! Apparently she won't read for someone more frequently than every 6 months. (But what stops the person going to a hundred other psychics in the meantime, without telling the first one?) In the end I decided she was just trying to use the addiction angle as another means of marketing herself, trying to show she understands us even more than other psychics. I never contacted her.

  76. Psychic addiction is like any other addiction. As I was trying to kick the habit, at first I tried to 'reason' with myself why the readings weren't a good idea, to 'convince' myself not to ring. For instance, keep a record of all the predictions which did NOT come true, and look at your financial statements to work out how much you have wasted on readings. How many times do readings have to turn out wrong before you accept that even if this isn't total fraud/farce, the lack of reliable accuracy in no way justifies the cost any more? But sometimes, the irrational "desperate" part of the mind would still turn to a psychic on the spur-of-the moment despite "knowing" it was not healthy any more to do so. e.g. trying a reader you haven't tried before, hoping "this one will be the one who REALLY knows my future!"

    So then I turned away from trying to 'counsel' myself out of the addiction and adopted a more practical approach to physically deter myself. Here are some tips I have used myself to help get me off psychic lines. They are common sense, the same way that a person who wants to lose weight would avoid keeping any biscuits or junk food in their kitchen. (or keep cigarettes out of the house & car if trying to quit smoking).

    First I rang those psychic networks for which I had internet account log-ins and asked them to suspend my accounts. You can ask them to close it but often they say they will just suspend it, which leaves the option for it to be reactivated in the future. Then again, even if you shut down the account fully, the option to reopen an account from scratch is also there. The point is just to make it less convenient to log in and start chatting to a psychic after a few clicks of the mouse. Instead I would now have to ring up the customer services, reactivate the account and double-check my credit card info with them etc.... in the time of doing so, my guilt conscience would have more chance of kicking in and say "what are you doing? are you sure you want to do this? remember why you deactivated in the first place? "

    Also, I asked them to remove me from all mailing lists to stop getting their monthly circulars in the post (not that I needed any advertising to prompt me to call!) For the email newsletter I unsubscribed or - if that didn't work- send it to spam box.
    Another thing I did in addition is to totally BLOCK the psychic network websites from being able to be accessed on my computer, e.g. using the advice here http://www.pcworld.com/article/249077/how_to_block_websites.html If I try to access those websites now, I get a message "Oops! Internet Explorer could not connect to ..." So now I can't even go to "just look" who may be online, fooling myself that I'm "just browsing" but suddenly getting an urge to call when I see someone online and say to myself, "Oh! She's online! I should call now whilst I have the opportunity, because she's not often online and she's better than the other readers" etc. Remove the temptation. (And if she was better than the other readers , why do you need a repeat reading? She should have told you enough to get you through the next year or two, knowing you are on track if her predictions were unfolding correctly.)
    Again, I could easily reverse the website block it if I wanted to but that would require a bit more conscience effort. The ACTION of having listed those websites in a blocked-list somehow increases the "forbidden" status of the whole thing and emphasises to myself that these sites are poison to me at the moment. It's no longer just a notion but an ACTION I took to say, "No!" And that feels good! I'm getting control back.

    [to be continued]

  77. [continued from previous]

    I mean, I could still walk down the road to the shop and buy biscuits or cigarettes even having cleared my house of them but that extra step of having to go more consciously out of my way to do it gives time for me to consider what I am really doing and not "give in" to a knee-jerk craving triggered by whatever psychological weakness triggers the addiction. Same thing with blocking the websites. You cant recover as an alcoholic if you keep bottles and bottles of your favourite liquor at easy hand's reach from you all the time.

    Another thing I did was ring my phone operator and ask them to block my mobile phone from being able to dial premium rate numbers (the worst way to lose money to psychic readings). Sometimes the default setting of the network is to block these numbers anyway. And if you get these "free texts" which "see some progress coming in your love life this week... reply MORE to find out @£1.50 per text", there is an option to "opt out" (e.g. reply STOP) and then you don't get pestered by those any more. Those text readings are the worst anyway... you can blow a lot of money getting short, vague useless comments. They are poor value for money even compared to calls.

    Another thing I would have done (if the above did not work enough) would have been to ring my credit card company and ask them if they can block transactions with all those psychic companies so that I cannot use my cards on readings. Cut off the supply.

    With time, you will realise that you CAN survive and get through the days without needing to turn to false saviours. If you really can't, then forgo just one or two readings and spend that money on a counsellor instead. Tell them you've got an addiction to psychic readings and need help.

    Getting over this addiction will start to help you to feel better about life again, even if the underlying initial triggers (bad relationships etc. ) are not resolved. Don't beat yourself up about money already lost to the psychics. See it as an investment in a difficult learning experience. Instead, beat up the addiction. Beating the addiction will show you that you have more power over your life than you thought, and then you will actually become stronger and be able to face the underlying problems too.

  78. I have read through some of these posts and at a time when I'm fully aware that I really need to stop my online psychic web chatting. Over a period of about 12 years, I have spent tens of thousands (at least) USD on psychic chats online. I hate admitting that. Lately, over the past year, it's been bad again and I need to stop/get help.

    As others have said, those of us who seek out psychic readers addictively all have triggers. I did manage to stop completely for about a year and a half or more, before I relapsed last year. This is a reminder that this really is a behavioral sort of addiction and that I need to treat it like that. I've read that it's similar, in terms of effects on the brain, as gambling is to gambling addicts.

    I wanted to share how I broke out of it when I did, and how I relapsed (and how I think I could prevent that.) I did what some others did-- canceled my accounts online, blocked the sites on my computer, to help me think twice before trying. Here's what else helped me:

    - therapy, even though I'd been in therapy, I talked to her about it, admitted when I did it, even if not right away. If you don't have a therapist, find one now.

    - Tell someone in your life whom you think you can share it with, who will likely be supportive or at least non-judgmental. I told one of my oldest/best friends, and can continue to talk to her when I want to about it. She was supportive and knows me well enough that she respected me and was just compassionate. She's someone who has her own challenges, so she is not judgmental.

    - Find an in-person or online support group. Yahoo has a psychic addict email support group, moderated by a recovering psychic addict. Her website has info and also info about joining the online free support group: PsychicJunkie.net This was invaluable to me-- it gave me an immediate outlet where I could just post an email there instead of doing a psychic chat online, talking about my current challenge/issue and urge. I would get responses from others that were helpful, supportive, understanding. It also helped to read others' posts and offer my support, and somehow made me stronger in general with the whole thing. They have also recently set up phone and in-person support groups locally in some areas (the online members.)

    - Immediately call a friend, any friend, or family member, just to say hi, talk...not necessarily about your issue or the addiction, but just to distract yourself in the moment of urge, until it passes. I often did this in combination with heading outside for a walk, while talking on my cell phone.

    - Get outside right way. Go for a walk, even a 10 or 15 minute walk in the neighborhood. Studies show that even 15 minutes of walking, good brain chemicals are released that lift mood... what we are seeking (in part) from psychic chats.

    - Head out in public somewhere-- go to a cafe and take a book, a journal to write in, a newspaper or magazine, sit and sip something and get a snack, and you will feel better.


  79. (continued)

    - Spend money on something positive and healing. Maybe it's an activity, or a healing treatment of some kind, or even objects that make you feel good about yourself, plan a weekend trip somewhere to visit a friend elsewhere. I realized that with all the money I was spending on psychics, I could instead be boosting myself in a positive way, by spending some (but clearly not as much) money on those things instead. For me, I picked getting a monthly massage, going to yoga classes more often, shopping for a piece of clothing that I really liked, weekend trips with my boyfriend or a friend or to visit a friend a short flight away for a weekend, treated myself to a nice meal out more often. I even donated money to organizations I support, which felt great and empowering. All of these really helped me-- and I saved lots of money despite it (because I wasn't spending as much... and then none, on psychics.)

    - When you avoid going to the psychics, you save money... reward yourself by looking at the amount of money in your savings account and see it grow. That feels wonderful.

    - Find another regular activity that is passive, to do instead of the psychic chats... for me, it was taking up watching a movie or a tv show (or several) each night of the week at first. This distracted me during the strong cravings.

    - Remind yourself of how you feel after you give in and do readings... as a message about why to just sit through the urge.

    The more time that passes since your last reading, the better and stronger you feel. After awhile, I couldn't believe how calm, grounded, and strong and healthy I felt. I finally got to a point where I didn't even want to. The relapse came when I thought "hmm... I don't even feel like I need it, so maybe I could do it, just a short 10 minute chat, and prove to myself that it's not an addiction anymore-- no harm done. I'm curious about this new guy I have a crush on...it's all just in fun." It slowly picked up from there, since I broke that barrier, and I was not strong enough to withstand the urge, and it got to feeling uncontrollable again. I've learned that for me, it is not something I can just do a little bit of. I will be tempted to go back and it'll just increase. So, don't ever fool yourself that you are different from others (like me), or you are stronger now and won't fall into the hole again. You will... so just stay strong and stay away.

    All this will help you realize what the underlying issues are, so that you can face them more and come up with ways to heal and improve your life, find other ways to cope that are healthy.

    Now I need to start my own process again. I'll say right now, that for now, I will avoid going back for a chat for the next week (at which point, I know from past experience, the urge will subside enough to get a grip.) I've lately been going every day almost, for long sessions, sometimes with multiple readers in one day. Sigh... it is hard, and I do believe it is a brain thing that happens that you have to break (a pattern) in order to move on from it.

    I hope this helps... let's be good to ourselves.

  80. I'd like to chime in on Oranum's community where even more addicts and frauds are flourishing to the tune of nearly 700,000 readings in 2.5 years. Many addicts there jump from room to room, get readings just as you all do on the other sites and the end result is that we become financially broke among the other emotional and mental havoc it creates.

    However, I will say, that there are psychics who exist and whose predictions come true. But when we become addicted and "need" this we have only ourselves, and perhaps the government to blame for not stepping in and regulating this profession and its members.

    We should not be embarrassed about getting readings. Quite the contrary, people know that clairvoyance exists but the problem is that it is natural for us to become hooked like crack addicts. And it is not that obvious for us or others before we get carried away.

    Regardless, clairvoyance is too messed up for any of us that are outside the spiritual dimension to understand. It is just not going to work the way we want it to and no, we will not understand it the way we see things here in the flesh life. But clearly, when astonishing predictions come true or when you have a mediumship and are given the most secretive information, you know that there is a connection to the spirit world.

    I ask this question to each of us. Do you guys think that spirit guides really want us to be addicts? Or just to say, hello i'm here and i'm looking after you.

    We know the answer to this. We should not be soliciting help at the speed of losing our homes because we give in. And we can't trust where the psychics are getting their energy from.

    So rather than become addicts, we have to force ourselves to put things in a perspective. First, if you want a reading limit yourself to an annual reading much like reading the annual horoscope. It's enough and tells you month by month what's going on.

    If however, you are in so much trouble and over your head, you have to go first to a true doctor and sort out the real issues before creating more trouble in your life.

    We all got into this because we want to cop out of getting real help and instead control our lives. But we all know that this is the wrong way to do this and that anybody who sees us continually does want to make an income and is not our loved one to truly step in and say stop. By the time you find saints in the profession, you will have depleted enough money to know who has your back and the reason they do is probably since you already spent so much time with them.

    Anyway, I wish you all well. We need to have more clinical focus on this in psychology and it is clear that we focus on drinking, gambling and drugs, but this is considerably similar in terms of how many homes are affected.

    Let's take back our lives and put things in perspective. I'm not saying we can stop this or how to stop it specifically, but it is clear we need intervention and need to see professionals --even if we ourselves are professionals because let's face it most of us here have spent in the tens of thousands even more, so we are not under-educated or lacking in resources but have chosen this path because we want control. Well, it's time we take back our lives.

    Let the spirit world stay where it is. When we listen to our inner selves, we will make the best sense to us.

  81. I am a psychic addict and I will be receiving help for this addiction. It feels good to know that I am not alone in this. I am like most of you highly educated with a good paying job but I have spent $$$ on psychics and it has to stop now.

  82. I am really shocked seeing that this is a global problem. I am not from the U.S. or the U.K. But I see now that the system is working in the same way everywhere. I have been phoning psychich hotlines for almost 5 years. Apart wasting money it kept me in a horrible relationship. During the relationship I paused for a whole year with calling psychics. Not because everything was good but because I wanted to live by my own advice. Things did not work out well and I broke with the man I was in a relationship with. I wanted hin back though I knew it would be another trip to hell. So I started calling again. Naturally, they predicted a reunion. It's been 7 months now with no reunion in sight (which is good - not for my Ego but for my psychic health).
    Six weeks ago I cancelled all my accounts, not before confronting my "advisors" withe the false predictions - to no avail, of course. I feel free now. Not from pain, sorrow, hurt and fear (I'm a mess). But free from the mindfuck of those psychics. People who are less educated than myself. People who are spending their days, weekends and holidays included, giving "advice" while demonstrating with their permanent presence that their lives are empty, too.
    I hope we all will get through this and regain strenght and trust in ourselves!!!

  83. im addicted too but im trying to stop this year. I like calling psychics because they listen, don't judge and tell you what you want to hear most of the time. Even though most things they tell me didn't happen. It helps talking things out. I should have gone to a therapist with the money I spent instead. I have hope I can quit, im the type of person that I go through fazes, once I get tired of doing something I move on to the next addiction/obsession.

  84. I am a 26 yr old, i have an addiction to Psychics. Ever since i moved to a different country, bad things have been happening to me.

    I wasnt equipped to live with out family..

    My addiction started 6 months ago and I have spent all my savings on them. I have started to lose patience to making decisions on my own. I have lost trust in my own decisions. I have been liked by many guys but they all wanted just temporary relationships. I didnt know why this was happening to me.
    This is something I cant talk to parents about. I have no one to talk to. So I turned to them. Becuase they listen and they reassure. However they do not have degree in psychology. They dont know how to treat a depressed person in 5 mins. with the money you burn in 5 minutes you can get a quality Psychiatrists that actually can help you using cognitive behaviour therapy to get better.

    This is my life.. Addicted to boys and attention. I spent all my precious study time thinkin about crushes (boys) while they became more successful than me.
    Now i'm an educated professional and looking for a promotion but still no improvement. I have crushes on men and I now spend time and money on asking if they like me.
    Why? WHy should I be with someone? Why cant my world just be work and the internet?

    Why do I need to find a man to marry? Why do I have so much pressure from the society and my family? I am like this broken, disheartened, stupid woman who loves people that cannot love me back. ALL OF THIS IS MAKING ME GO BACK TO THEM. SPEND ALL MY EARNINGS THERE.

    With the same money I couldve donated for a good cause. I couldve bought nice clothes that I never had. I couldve bought a car..


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